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I help women return to their limitless selves

by eradicating layers of conditioning, limited beliefs, fears, insecurities, societal rules and self sabotaging pattern





“I am standing at the very start of an exciting journey where I get to reclaim my own life. My vision of it. And I have Taru to thank for it.

I have met numerous amount of psychologists and coaches (in my baggage you find a childhood trauma, an unusual upbringing, an eating disorder), and it always took me 15 minutes tops to figure out what their strategy was with me, and from that point on I couldn't help to steer them in the direction I wanted. Waste of their and my time. Taru doesn't have a strategy with you - she has a genuine desire to help you find you own path, hear your own voice. With that said - Taru's program is thoroughly planned, every step is well thought out and yet has a natural flow.

Taru has a subtle way to guide you to the realizations that are crucial for your well being - but you will come to those by yourself, in a natural way. And from that point on there will be no going back.”

Irina - Gothenburg

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“I have been struggling with things like childhood traumas, eating disorders and self-destructive thoughts for actually all my life and finally found myself going through a depressive state with suicidal thoughts at the beginning of this year. Apart from professional medical and therapeutic support I knew I needed more to help me finding the peace and freedom with myself I have always been longing for.

Now after a few weeks with Taru’s program I am thinking more and more positively about myself, the past, present and future. I feel so much power, excitement and curiosity towards my life and what is there to come. The other day last week was possibly the best day of my life so far - nothing special has happened, but I felt free and in peace with my life with nearly no negative thoughts about me or others, and new things I have always wished for keep showing up in my life.

Thank you Taru for being open about your own past and struggles, listening to your inner voice and accompanying people on their journey <3”

Jella - Berlin


“Taru has been amazing. It’s such an investment to have someone fully devoted to your growth. As a mentor and coach she is outstanding. Sometimes we’re so far from our potential, and tired that we need someone to take commando to get it back. She helped me become a better mother, wife, to have more patience, she helped me see things from a different angle. Finding different ways of approaching problems, changing my mind to create a new reality. She lighted that spark within me.”

Stina - Geneva

“Taru is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and caring. I can’t thank her enough for what these few days did for me, my family and other relationships. The program worked on a deep level in my consciousness where I got to tweak and work on issues which have hindered me to live fully and happily. The program has made a huge difference in my life; I am more productive, have much more energy and I am truly happier in all areas of my life. ”

Mia - New York



When I began Taru's program I was under a tremendous amount of stress and very unhappy. We discussed controlling emotions, interacting with others, letting go of shadows and identifying triggers. Now I'm back on a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting rid of unnecessary junk in my life and I feel so much lighter and better. I really felt she cares for the people she works with and its not just a job to her.

We need a guide sometimes to find our way back and Taru did that for me. I highly recommend her process to develop or come back to your productivity, confidence, and resilience. To find your happy place.

Brad - Texas

“Taru gave me concrete tools and huge support on all levels to make me succeed. I put myself in focus and gave myself good opportunities to heal, think and analyse. I dared to look into my fears, I began to prioritise differently.

Taru’s exercises clearly showed me that I had previously prioritised in a way that did not benefit neither me nor my family. Now I feel so much better and am calmer and happier. And on top of everything, I'm finally sleeping well again.”

Jenny - Halmstad



Sometimes an investment in oneself truly pays off. For me the Kick-Start Programme was such a case. I was looking for a way to identify and overcome blockages that kept me from achieving my personal goals, such as my ongoing studies. I also really wanted to start a blog as a creative outlet and eventually also to generate an alternate income stream. I was unhappily working a part-time job to fund my daughter’s private creche. After starting the Kickstart Programme things are changing in a significant way, we got offered a state funded creche, so I was able to resign my job so that I can focus on my studies and setting up my new blog. This also would not have been possible without my husband now finally being able to be fully supportive, probably because I am clearer and firmer about my goals.

Taru generously checked in on me regularly offering lots of positive vibes and solutions to issues. After the programme I feel like I get to decide what happens in my life and less like I am only reacting. I feel I am clear about what I want overall and each day. As a result I think I take myself more seriously and I am more focused. I have also experienced myself not react so heavily to incidents that would previously upset me and in general my husband reports that I am calmer and less moody. Due to the menu I am also enjoying my new slimmer body and energy.

Post Kickstart, I am still following the morning and evening routines and will definitely be eating more consciously with anti-inflammatory ingredients in mind. Many thanks for all your incredible support Taru. It is good to know the world has one of you.

Stephanie - Munich

I worked with Taru and completed the 21 day life reboot program. I have been going through a life transformation for the past few years and felt stuck in certain areas of my life. After following Taru on Instagram for some time, I decided she was the right coach to work with because of her honest, thought provoking posts, simple recipes, and inspired living. In the three weeks of her reboot program, you will learn how enjoyable healthy eating can be, how to have better conversations with yourself, and how to live consciously.

Taru messages you throughout the day, reminding you of the positive changes to expect in your life and tips to help you stick to the program. No app or website can replace real time, sincere human contact. In addition to simplified, wholesome recipes, she will also provide you with mindfulness practices that will help you clear your mind and find balance in your life.

What separates Taru from other health coaches is her passion for healthy living and ability to get to the bottom of all the things getting in your way. Her nurturing but no nonsense guidance will motivate you to finally make all the changes you need to make. Taru has done an incredible job developing a program that can make a noticeable impact in just three short weeks.

Linda - New York



My life, how I exist within and how I perceive it, has transformed since meeting, being and growing with Taru. She has helped me open my heart and my mind, while dramatically improving how I see my health and my focus in life. I lost weight, I am stronger and more able, I no longer have any IBS symptoms, and my connection to my body and mind has shifted astronomically.

I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the powers that food and attentiveness provides us in shaping our lives, directly as a result of my time with her. The true gift and value that she provides is her perspective on life and her deep passion for getting to the source of things and the things you learn about yourself while taking that journey with her. My digestive system and I are happier than we have ever been and extremely proud to express that joy to the world.

Tevi - London

I have been working with Taru for the last 3 months and I am so excited to continue with her for another few months. I had initially contacted Taru to lose some weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. From our very first conversation I had no doubt that she was the Coach for me. She asked me plenty of questions, really listened to me and gave me a unique plan that suited me and my lifestyle.

Since I've started following Taru's plan, I have seen significant changes, that have not only benefited me, but my children too. I have lost some weight, I have much more energy, and a clear and sharper focus of my priorities. She has truly made an impression on me by making me more aware of how everyday habits and food choices impact our lives. Taru is very knowledgeable, insightful and motivating. I am forever grateful to Taru for her steady guidance on lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Deirdre - Branford