Deep within us, we all know what we should and shouldn’t do to be happy.
To fully and completely thrive in this magical thing called life, right?

You have all the wisdom within you. There's a shortcut to almost any of your dreams and desires. You can have the body you dream of, and feel motivated and powerful enough to create and attract anything you desire. You could wake up each morning feeling grateful for all the beauty and abundance in your life. Spending your 40+ hours a week on things that truly mean something to you, that make you feel happy and fulfilled from the core. Life doesn't have to be as complicated and demanding as we sometimes make it.
    It's about becoming conscious, about scaling down. Minimizing the noise. Being grateful.

    But the question is: Are you ready to make the changes? Are you ready to begin uncovering your true potential?


Are you up for doing the work required to reach your highest potential? To move from what you perceive as comfort and safety to truly connecting with your being. To learn and discover new beautiful sides to yourself. Are you open and willing to move from feeling OK about life, to actually loving yourself and your life's situation with all of your heart?

Of course you are.

And I'm here to help you on the way. As a mentor, friend and your strongest support.



My desire is to help you open up within you the source stream of pure love towards yourself, the confidence to be unapologetically you. We spend so much time of our lives living a life that other people expect from us. Or lives simply copy and pasted from other's lives and circumstances.

To live authentically and honestly, is the greatest form of success in life. What does it matter how much you own or how good of a career you've managed to create for yourself if you aren't happy and at peace internally and if you aren't able to put your core beliefs into practice.

There is nothing as relieving and rewarding as being able to be completely honest to yourself and those around you, about who you are, what you believe in and what you ask from life. We cannot spend our precious time bothered by what people may think of us. The most important thing is that you love your life and respect yourself.



You don't have to become a yogi or even work out that very much in order to find peace and harmony. It isn't supposed to be hard or feel like a chore to find the path to feeling at peace.

Mindfulness practice can take place anywhere at anytime. It's about locating what is true and right for you. In which state of mind do you seem to thrive the best. Then adjust life to those new findings. It's about finding out what you feel good with and what gives you energy and peace. It's about discovering how good it feels when you take time to contemplate and just be, in the midst of all else that life requires from you.



Food is only one aspect of good health. Body, mind and soul are connected and we thrive best when we find a balance between them all. I like to have an unfussy, minimalistic approach to food, as to any other area in life. Food should be easy to make with the least number of ingredients, be full of energy and colour, and taste amazing!

Unfortunately there is a lot of fake food out there. What we put into our bodies either gives us strength and health, or makes us sick. Which is why we need to learn to make conscious and informed choices when buying ingredients, cooking and eating out.

The unique simple-to-follow recipes and meal plans that I create individually for each client are all free of ingredients that are known to cause allergies, inflammation and stress to our system. Instead they are packed with natural nourishment that support health and vitality.

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I don't believe in hardcore restrictions, calorie counting or limiting diets. Life must be enjoyed fully for us to feel truly happy and to be able to keep up with any lifestyle change.

I crave greasy, salty, cheesy meals every once in a while like everyone else. Not to mention sugary treats. Good news is that all of it can be made healthy. You don't need to feel deprived of the juicy things in life just because you have decided to get healthier. It's all about balance. And about learning how our choices affect us, so that you naturally will make healthier and better choices in the future.