Are you ready for a massive transformation and committed to doing the work?

We can tailor a completely personal program for you, but this is a general guideline:

$599 USD / 1 week of intensive coaching

This program includes: 2 x 45 minute calls + daily support through messaging. You will get a clear action-plan, step by step guidance, practices and tools that help you to begin reprogram the parts of your mind that are today limiting your life experience. You will also get my help designing your dream life and the support for manifesting it into reality.

$1.400 USD / 1 month of coaching
$3.900 USD / 3 months of coaching
$5.900 USD / 6 months of coaching

These coaching packages include: 60 min video call, or live meeting in Miami, every 10 days. As well as daily or weekly contact through WhatsApp or text messaging. You will get a clear, personal life transformation plan, a personal assessment to identify your limiting beliefs and barriers. You will get a detailed toolkit to understanding and overcoming the limitations. As well as step by step guidance in creating and manifesting the life you most wish to live.

Regardless of which plan you choose, I’m with you through all of it, always just 1 message away.

Call me, message me or WhatsApp me at: 941 402 9252 to set up your free 20 min consultation today.
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