Building a home

My 20 month old son, my partner and I have found our dream land of 3,5 hectares in the South Western side of Sicily. I’m originally from Finland/Sweden, and my partner is from the UK. We are in the midst of designing and building our own house, as well as designing a beautiful permaculture food forest. We aim to fill our land (and lives) with as much edible natural wonders as possible, as well as many animals. We’ve picked up one wonderful stray dog so far, and we’re visualising hens, horses and another dog… We’re planning on eventually getting a lil sailboat as well and teach our son to sail so slowly. The Mediterranean sea is 30 min from our land. Closest marina is Sciacca, 90 nautical miles from Tunisia.


Found home

After a year of searching and having had traveled around the whole world to get a good understanding of what exactly we wanted in a home, we finally found Sicily. We had written affirmations and as fate had it, the place we finally found, ticked off all of our requirements on the list of affirmations…

taru tevi rowan family cianciana2.png

The land

Every time we visit our land, we find new qualities to it. The almond trees have just started to bloom and new leafs are slowly becoming visible. The sloping hill sides are full of ancient olive trees. There are a few old carob trees scattered about, and wild asparagus and wild fennel can be found all over.

tarus sicilian home sicily dammuso.png

The house

Building a house from scratch is such a dream come true. Upon arriving here last summer, we immediately fell in love with the beautiful North African style dammusso roofs, which also acts as rain catchment systems. We have just submitted our architectural plans for building permit, and hoping to start building in June-July.