No more excuses

8 months ago, I left on a long journey with my new family. We had beaches and tranquility on the agenda. Connecting with the new life we had created. See where the wind takes us kind of adventure. But quite immediately as we took off, only a few days in actually; certain conversations put a major transformational gear into motion…

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You know the feeling of utter peace, harmony and calm? A brief moment where everything seems perfect? Many people do not experience this all too often, and when it happens, it’s a fleeting sensation. Often it happens when people are on vacation, or when you've had a lovely and warm day in the company of people you love. When you kick back and enjoy the sunset and have nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing more on on your mind than

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Warm pear and asparagus salad

Spring has sprung also in France, and the wisteria is boasting with its sweet fragrance and beautiful lilac shades.

One of the most important health measurements you can take, is to add as much greens, leaves, vegetable and fruit into your diet. I'm not talking having a small side salad to your meal. But to make the greens the main characters in your own cooking show. There is nothing that

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