So happy to have you here! I hope you find inspiration and help here to add to your daily practices and to your cooking and healthy-eating pursuits. You can see this space as your home-base for when you wish to gain a closer connection to yourself, but you don’t know where to start. I will upload more content every week, so be sure to check back often. As for the meditations and breathing exercises, one new video will be visible for you every month. It’s good to practice one and the same meditation/breathing exercise several times to really familiarise yourself with it before you move on to try another one.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please email me and I’ll answer as soon as I can. / Taru

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Om na ma si va ya
Peace begins with me
Labeling meditation
An inner world so beautiful
Absolutely fulfilled




Affirmations are simple but carefully formulated statements that help you reprogram your subconscious. In stressful times, they help you move from negativity to a positive and optimistic mindset. We often affirm self-destructively. For example; "No, that's too hard, I'll never be able to do that." And just because you reiterate this message, it leads to worse self-esteem, and therefore you probably do not manage to do that which seemed difficult. It's important you get aware of this constant negative monologue that is going on in your mind. And that you understand that you have the power to change these negative spirals that does not serve you. The cure is awareness, a desire to change, and then daily practice and repetition of your affirmations. What I like about affirmations, is how they help remind you of the super powers that you possess. You are a powerful and magnificent creator! No reason to play smaller. Nobody benefits from that. You’re here to shine and become your true wonderful self.

I like writing my affirmations down in my notebook, and also on the computer. I save them as a collage on my desktop, and I can easily read them there each time I open my laptop. I like beginning my work day with reading my affirmations a few times. And then I check back with them every so often as I work. That, in combination with the intentions I have set in the morning, really helps me stay focused, and it helps me to not get stuck in negative thoughts. If I would catch my self in a negative thought any time during the day, I would pick up the most suitable affirmation from my mind, and recite it as a mantra until the negative thought has dissipated.

For the affirmation to be effective, it is important that they are specific and expressed in present term. For example this affirmation that helps you love and accept yourself in times when you feel doubtful or insecure: "I am loved, I am confident, I am whole." Or this one that will help you get through a challenging situation or a hectic day at work: "I am harmonious and will handle today's challenges with a peaceful calm." Download this document with some of my favourite affirmations:

Find your yoga flow

Garden yoga- click to watch the video

Do you practice yoga or some other exercise regularly? Moving my body is important, but it can be hard to get oneself started on a new healthy routine. My best advice is to book a time for it in your calendar, say, every night for twenty minutes, an hour before bedtime, and then just do it. No excuses. I don’t follow any particular style of yoga, I blend a bit of stretching with strength exercise. I know that whatever movement I do on the mat, is good for me. It makes me more flexible, it gives me time for myself, I get stronger, I find a stillness and peace that may otherwise go wasted on other not as healthy occupations. There really are no valid excuses not to hit the mat. I also dance and move as much as I can in the day. Setting my body free and making sure to not stiffen up. I hope this video may inspire you to jump onto your mat and find your unique flow. Trust that whatever you do in terms of movement is good for you.

Guided meditations

As a tool to help you stay clear-sighted and focused, listen to one of these to centre yourself.


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As soon as I have my own kitchen again, new videos will come up here. We are beginning to build our cabin next week, very excited!

As soon as I have my own kitchen again, new videos will come up here. We are beginning to build our cabin next week, very excited!


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Download this weeks recipe


Breathing exercises

Why is it important to breath right? - coming soon
Alternate nostril breathing
Victorious breath
Breath of fire
Box breath


Being mindfully present - click to watch video

Just a little reminder to stay conscious and present to the subtle energies that help you cultivate more joy and more gratitude into your life. Do this on a daily basis and gradually experience more and more inner peace.


🎼 Here’s a wonderful playlist to have on in the background when you’re doing daily tasks, mindfulness exercises, writing, cooking, philosophising… I often find music with lyrics to be distractive. Whereas this type of music helps me open up to my intuition and my inner wisdom. I hope you will enjoy it:

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Book tips!

Delightfully inspiring for a better connected and more conscious life.

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Live your best life

For personal guidance and help with your spiritual journey and your pursuits to a healthier and more connected life, check out my coaching programs.

The 21 day program is comprehensive, intensive and gets to the bottom of all of your self-sabotaging behaviours and thought patterns that stand in the way of you and ultimate freedom.

This program can truly awaken you to your truest potential!

The kickstart program is a softer introduction to a healthier and more balanced life, and perfect if you know that you need to do some work, but don’t know how to get started.

Whatever time you are willing to invest in your own growth, I'll be here guiding and supporting you forward. 

You deserve to live fully!