Everyone knows the struggle can be real in relationships! We’re no exception…

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Especially if you haven’t done the work of uncovering your deep seated “false beliefs” that rest in the deeper layers of your consciousness. You know, dealt with all the things from your childhood that you thought you were done with, but which keep distorting your PERCEPTION of the world.

Life is supposed to feel easy.

Which is why we have gone deep into our own conditioning, to break free from the patterns that kept us repeating the same silly ARGUMENTS over and over. What we realised, was that so much of the stuff that we thought were so “important” to defend and make a conflict out of, were actually rooted in unhealed parts of ourselves. and, no matter how “right” either of us thought we were in a heated moment, neither of us were ever going to win. we realised it’s a war with no end, to try and live in the moment, yet be controlled so hard by past conditioning.

So we decided to undertake a challenge: to totally rewrite the parts of our minds and our subconscious beliefs that kept us acting like little children.

And we are sharing all of our discoveries in our new:


This membership gives you access to:

  • One monthly 45-60 min webinar with us going deep into our relationship explorations of the month.

  • Sharing the practices we have used to rewrite/reprogram our minds and our beliefs.

  • Tips on resources that have helped us create the life and relationship we want to live.

  • Our daily couple/family rituals that help us stay aligned with our highest intentions.

  • Guide for goal setting and crafting your dreams, as a couple.

  • Guide to establishing your sacred values.

  • Tips on effective communication.

  • Monthly Q&A.

The Conscious Love Membership page is still under development. If you BUY your membership NOW
you will - as a Founding Member - get access to a Special Private Webinar in the end of next week.

This exclusive webinar will cover these topics:

  • We will be exposing our relationship challenges, and how we have dealt/deal with them

  • How we have challenged and overcome shame and fears

  • How we have designed our lives together

  • How we balance our weaknesses/strengths

  • And more…

As a founding member, you can send us your questions beforehand to have them answered in the live webinar.