Life Changing Self Confidence in 21 days

Awaken your most radiant, powerful, confident Goddess self by learning to love yourself



Turn confusion into clarity. Doubt and fear into inspiration and fuel for growth.
Learn to let go of the stuff that doesn’t make you happy.
Fearlessly turn each of your hearts desires into reality.
Walk confidently and purposefully through life.
Express your unique voice and needs.
Feel free to be who you truly are.

This course contains:
11 deeply transformational videos with life changing practices.
Unique step-by-step guide to opening your 7 chakras to align with your divine purpose (it’s not what you’ve seen before! Meditation and visualization is not enough to open your important energy centers.)
Meditations for self-love, healing and transformation.
Membership access to private Facebook Group: Taru’s Inner Circle.
Monthly live coaching.
Music playlist that helps you awaken your most powerful self.



This offer is only valid until October 14th. Original course price €199

I used to hate myself

Of course, nobody knew that. I used to be extremely good at portraying a well put-together image and pretend as if I had my shit together, that I was confident and strong. But deep within, I was plagued with insecurity and fears. I was afraid of people’s judgement. I was afraid that I wasn’t beautiful enough. That I wasn’t valued or appreciated enough. I remember looking into my own mirror reflection, hating what I saw. Always criticizing my looks, not knowing back then that the daily messages I sent myself, caused even more insecurity. What we say to ourselves has the power to either boost our confidence, or bring it down. Back then, I didn’t have the tools to move myself out of the destructive cycle and I kept feeling worse and worse. I was chasing my own tail as I kept feeling worse and had to keep up the pretending.

What would it feel like to not give a damn?


My awakening came through Ayahuasca. I had been led to it because I was curious to see what else there was to life. It was more of a curious spiritual quest than anything. I had no knowing in the world that my first encounter with it would wake me up from my deep attachment to my misaligned ego - so much that I would finally be able to show myself deep love and compassion again. It was painful in the moment, as a sudden breaking of ones ego naturally must be. But I remember walking out of the ceremony no longer giving a damn about all the little things I had been so self-conscious and worried about as I had been, stepping into the room eight hours earlier. Massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was as if I had swallowed a magic pill that at first made me feel really sick, but once I got through the emotions, my life was forever changed to the better.

Of course, this experience alone didn’t define the new me completely. But it initiated a deep curiosity and desire to keep lookin within. It pushed me to peal away the layers to myself that I now recognized were false. I began meditating regularly to connect to my spirit. I spent even more time in quiet reflection. I left social media to spend time in my own solitude. I practiced self hypnosis and learned how to reprogram my conditioning and my mind.

No, you don’t need to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony to wake up from your self destructive habits and thoughts. It’s enough to learn how you are blocked mentally, where those blocks stem from, and then how to release those blocks. This course shows you exactly how.

Having a negative self-image, can lead to:

  • You’re living a life much below your potential

  • You stay in relationships that don’t make you happy, or you allow the repetition of negative cycles in your relationship, unable to stop.

  • You unconsciously choose the wrong people into your life.

  • You stay with bosses or at work places that suck the life out of you.

  • You mistreat your body through: smoking, overeating, beating yourself up for the way you look, going back and forth between fad diets, food restrictions and gluttony.

  • Illness and disease, literally. If you hate yourself and say it to yourself every day, your body and mind will take notes and deliver.

  • Self judgement and judgement of others.

  • Massive amount of time wasted doing all the things you think you should or need to be doing, because other people have said or done so.

I feel you sister! I have experienced all of the above…

Loving yourself deeply, allows you to:

  • Go after life and get shit done in alignment with your hearts calling and your souls divine purpose.

  • Pick the right relationships, and move away from the ones that make you feel less than a Goddess.

  • Choose the work and boss that motivates you, inspires you and pushes you to grow. Or, you’ll set up your own business, be your own damn boss.

  • Look after your body and treat it with kindness and love.

  • Stay healthy, clear headed, focused on living your best life.

  • Be loving, kind and compassionate to everyone around you.

  • Live your dream every single day.

Let me teach you how to deeply love your divine self. Peace, happiness and success will follow in every area of your life…

These are the 11 steps to learning to love yourself deeply - which in turn gives you beautiful self confidence:

11 steps.jpg

Each of these 11 areas contain their own 5-15 min video and 1-3 different practices. Allow for 1-2 days before you move onto the next step. It’s good to allow time for reflection, and to test the practices in different scenarios and situations. This course is about challenging old perceptions and changing them with a total new inspired outlook on life. You will discover wonderful parts to yourself that will surprise you in the best of ways!


My early life conditioning (and the way our patriarch society is structured!) turned me into a quite “strong” person who rarely wanted to show her real emotions or express vulnerability. It was my defense mechanism to not get hurt, betrayed, left lonely. Or at least I thought so.

Once I learned to embody my beautiful, gentle, vulnerable, caring feminine side and balance it with the more focused, direct, analytical masculine sides to myself - my life transformed.

This course teaches you exactly how to merge your feminine with the masculine so you can live in perfect peace, balance and harmony in every area of your life. So that you can be discerning without fear of being too much or asking for too much.

Anything you want you can have, it begins with centering yourself in your own being. Balancing the yin with the yang.

When you are comfortable in your own skin, you will be free to express yourself in any way you want.



This offer is only valid until October 14th. Original course price €199