For the ones of you who may not be able to afford the full, intensive 21 day program. Or you may not be ready to commit that much time to have someone following your every food choice, asking you to give up your self destructive behaviours and investigating all your whereabouts for three full weeks, but you still want to gain amazing health and get guidance in how to take your life to a new level. Then this lighter version is what you are looking for.

With this kickstart package, we will have 1 introductory call, so I get to know your health concerns, and what you are currently looking for in life. After that, you will receive from me:

A health evaluation - personalised plan on how/what to eat and what to avoid in order to help you get in super shape physically as well as mentally. 
Personal set of practices that will empower you to initiate profound change.
14 day meal plan - with food that best suits your life, body and health concerns. Easy and delicious recipes that will make you feel amazing and which you will want to repeat over and over.
Exercise plan - a sustainable plan on how to move more, in a way that perfectly suits your unique life.
A set of mindfulness practices.
Personalised morning ritual guide.
A collection of a few powerful meditation practices.
Email support to get you started.

You will get all the initial guidance and help to get started towards your new life, and a new you. If you at any moment feel that you need more help and support along the way, you can simply let me know and we will tailor a continued program that suits your life and budget.

Price for the Kickstart package: €175

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