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Everyone deserves to live a fulfilled and abundant life, not only in a few areas, but in each one of them.

As a passionate woman, mother, creative being, I thrive when I can be of service to others. And when I can help make the world just a tad more authentic and liberated than it was yesterday. I love sharing my life experiences, and what I’ve learned through my deep interest in human psychology and ancient traditions - with people who seek to up-level their lives.



Besides being a 2016 graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and soon a registered Hypnotherapist, life has brought me on a dynamic and expansive journey. Growing up in an orphanage in Finland, sailing half way around the world, having lived in 25+ countries, and currently residing on the mystical island of Sicily - I can say that it’s been a hell of a ride. Yet, I always feel that there is so much more to learn. I believe that I was born to learn about pain, and transform it into light and love in order to help inspire others to live in their divine light.


Client Reviews

Mia blue.jpg

“Taru is incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and caring. I can’t thank her enough for what these few days did for me, my family and other relationships. The program worked on a deep level in my consciousness where I got to tweak and work on issues which have hindered me to live fully and happily.”

Mia -New York

Stina blue.jpg

“She helped me be a better mother, wife, have more patience, seeing things from a different angle. Finding different ways of approaching problems, changing my mind to create a new reality. Taru has been amazing. It’s such a investment to have someone fully devoted to your growth. As a mentor, coach she is outstanding. She lighted that spark within me.”

Stina - Geneva

Jenny blue.jpg

“Taru gave me concrete tools and huge support on all levels to make me succeed. I put myself in focus and gave myself good opportunities to heal, think and analyse. I dared to look into my fears, I began to prioritise differently. One of Taru’s exercises clearly showed me that I had previously prioritised in a way that did not benefit neither me nor my family. Now I feel so much better and am calmer and happier. And on top of everything, I'm finally sleeping well again.”

Jenny - Halmstad