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Yoga is so much more than just the physical practice. The physical asanas are rather a tool for being able to sit longer and breathe easier during your meditation, if you ask many Indian gurus. It is the quietness and clarity we want to achieve in our heads, quieten the stream of nonsense our thoughts are occupied with, so that we can connect deeper to our source and make better decisions in our every day lives. It is the mind training that gives us the most benefit when we want to create the life, and world, that we truly want to live in.

Yoga is all the daily practices and good habits that lead to a fuller and more connected you.

My father in law has a lifetime of experience in this area (35+ years of experience in yoga and meditation, and study of neuroscience and biology), and has a beautiful way of explaining the interconnectedness of these, even for the ones that are new to meditation and mind mastering.

Christopher helped my partner and I through a blockage we were battling with in our first year of our relationship. So I know first hand how powerful his techniques are. I have also used some of his practices for my clients in my own coaching programs with wonderful results for many people.

Chris has a 12 week mind mastery online course up that is full of valuable tips and guidance, easy to follow practices and mental exercises that truly helps you reshape your life. If you’re not ready to commit to the whole 12 weeks as yet, there’s currently an offer of taking the first 3 weeks for only £29. Do yourself a favour and try it out. It may as well help you through some of the things you are challenged with in your life. The three weeks will give you a great taste of what you can achieve with the right practices and guidance.

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