7 tips to do more of what you love, and live the life of your dreams


Firstly, define what that is. What do you love? What is your dream life? Who are you when everything is absolutely perfect.

Make a plan on how to do more of what you love. For me for example, I love riding and miss doing it regularly. So I am looking to get a horse that can come live with us, this year.

How is your time divided? Make a schedule of the coming week, and carefully fill in what the minutes/hours are spent on. You may realise that much time is spent doing things that are absolutely useless. Such as scrolling facebook/instagram feed for 2 hours/day. Or watching series. No wonder you don’t get anything creative done or that you never seem to move closer to your dreams, if so much time is wasted on nonsense. When you’ve determined how much time you’re wasting, it’s time to scale down. Limit social media time. Unfollow accounts that don’t suit your best future. Stay focused and be disciplined.

Look for inspiration that help you stay focused on the life you want to live. If you want to live a more connected life your with family and perhaps start your own business to be able to spend more time at home. Then following fashion people’s accounts may no longer fit the picture. Cut the cords with the stuff that doesn’t serve you any longer. Pour your heart into the things that gives real meaning. Look for people who do what you wish to do, who will help inspire you to take that next big step forward.

Meditate. Make it a daily practice to silence the noise. Connect to the higher, deeper wisdom within. Because when you do, you’ll be able to hear the messages from source that is always there to guide you and help you get clear on what you’re meant to do in this life. You can’t hear those messages when you’re preoccupied with the worldly stuff. You can only access that intuitive wisdom when you slow down and allow yourself to stay present with what comes up from within. It’s so powerful. But most people miss out on this guidance, because they aren’t committed enough. If you want help to get started, you can try my course. It gives you step by step guidance and support.

Stay focused on what it means to live your dream. Daydream daily. Write affirmations about it. Speak about your dreams and engage in everything that’s related to it. Make your dream a reality in your mind before it actually is here. Believe in it with all of your heart.

Stay grateful for what you have. And be grateful for what is yet to come. Give thanks to this creation, and to your own creative power.

Step up and be who you are meant to be. Don’t play small. Don’t accept less. Be the miraculous, creative being that you came here to be.

Photo from Costa Rica last month.

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