Just do it


Surfing teaches me every time. It teaches me to catch the moment and get to action. To let go, stop worrying about the little details, sink into the present moment and enjoy life. It’s a deeply meditative experience.

Once I’d shook myself off the initial thoughts of “is Rowan going to stay under the sun shade, hope he won’t eat too much sand and I better hurry up in case he needs me” and got to head into water - the sea immediately finds a way of putting me right back to where I needed: to my center. 

I duck dive through a couple waves, float atop a few others. Leaving thoughts ashore as I paddle out and forward to where peace awaits.

Sitting out on the board with sunbeams glistening in the surprisingly warm water, waiting for a new set; drops me instantly into the present moment. Thoughts so easily drift aside at sea. Nothing can be heard aside from the water lapping the board. My mind is clear and empty. My consciousness is wide open. I feel the greatest grin taking over my salty face. The bliss of simply being flushes over me as I feel a strong connection to my source energy. Soulfully nurturing, spiritually comforting. Immensely grateful for being able to do this. To myself for doing it each time I get an opportunity, despite the initial hesitations. 

Doing the things your soul feels good with is your birth right. Joy and peace are what you are within. Whatever that connects you to those are what you should aim for. It’s food for your soul and fuel for your heart, you see.


Question: What is evidently good for your soul that you do not do very often because of A, B, C? Write down the things that bring you peace, joy and a big smile to your face. Then make a plan on how to incorporate more of it into your life. Write down the things that stand in your way of doing it, for comparison.

If you are like most other people and spend 2 hrs a day on social media for example. That is a mind blowing 30 days a year. Day and night. Instead of wasting a whole month of the year on following other people’s lives or sharing pieces of your own; do something that truly nurtures your soul. Something that helps you grow and expand.


I obviously didn’t have to worry about this little one. Him and his dad were doing just fine. Also I have had to let go of the desire to only ever get him conscious good quality toys. Sometimes you just have to do what is most helpful in the moment. Such as heading in on nearest gas station and stock up on random plastic toys that I know he would love to play with because they’re new, so that we can get time and space to do the things we love, for a bit longer.

Hold on to your beliefs, but don’t be too rigid. Relax, enjoy your life and do what your soul is yearning for. Don’t hold back. Just do it.


This was in Llangennith in Wales, water was only 13 C but after surfing through the winter in Portugal it felt amazingly warm.

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