Wheatgrass, good or not?


I got this question from one of my clients this morning: “I was just reading about wheatgrass and its effects to help prevent cancer. Just curious to know what you think of it?”

My answer: I think that if it’s pure wheatgrass, harvested before the wheat grain has formed and thus being gluten free, yes it has very valuable nutritional benefits. Wheatgrass contains various vitamins; A, B and C foremost. It’s got important minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium and thiamine. There are many phytochemicals, the plants own defense system that we get a chance to absorb as well, in the form of chlorophyll and beta carotene among others. Many of these phytochemicals act as antioxidants, which essentially neutralizes and gets rid of free radicals, you know the nasty stuff that we get a lot of into our bodies from pollution, toxic and chemical exposure, mold, pesticides etc. Those destructive molecules are associated with ageing, cancer, heart disease, stroke and so much more. So yes, with all of the before mentioned health benefits combined, the wheatgrass is a powerful force in helping cure and prevent any disease, while also helping protect our DNA.

But the thing is, the whole plant world possesses these powers. Nearly all fruit and vegetables, not to mention herbs, spices and wild berries, have a combination of these nurturing and healing chemical compositions and thus, similar health benefits. And when digested in a serious manner. Meaning; not one wheatgrass shot once a week, greens on the side of a meal and smoothies sometimes. But as a majority of what one consumes. Minimum 2 kilos (8 cups) of organic plant foods a day is my recommendation. Yes, then you are arming your immune system for a real good fight against all the viruses, parasites and pathogenic cells that live within our systems that could otherwise multiply and create all sorts of uncomfortable ailments and even serious diseases.

It is crucial for health to eat plants. To make them a priority. And to eat as little hormone filled dairy, meat and eggs, which are all linked to all forms of cancer, heart diseases, so called autoimmune diseases and what not. Viruses and parasitic cells love that kind of hormone filled stuff.

Wheatgrass is just one of the many many wonderful plants you can incorporate into your healthy diet that will help your immune system to stay strong. For me personally, I don’t like the flavour of grass, so I skip wheatgrass altogether. And I eat much more leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables instead.