You know the feeling of utter peace, harmony and calm? A brief moment where everything seems perfect? Many people do not experience this all too often, and when it happens, it’s a fleeting sensation. Often it happens when people are on vacation, or when you've had a lovely and warm day in the company of people you love. When you kick back and enjoy the sunset and have nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing more on your mind than deciding where to dine. You may feel a powerful sense of pure happiness while out hiking and observing the majestic landscapes around you. The blissful feeling may come over you when you cuddle with your child and hear his or her laughter. When you breastfeed and watch the beauty and quiet serenity of your (for the moment) calm offspring. The bliss of gratitude and love, in a moment of simply-being flushes over you as a warm embrace. A short, but tangible sensation of perfection. This feeling may stay with you throughout much of your vacation, for example. However, in every day life it is easy to get thrown back into what we call reality in an instant. There just seems to be too many must do's and places to be, to maintain the euphoria of 100% appreciation. 

What you should remember about this pure state of being, is that it is your original, true nature. Everything else is ultimately false. What I mean with false, is that the stress, worries, obligations and duties of every day life are all man made, and essentially non essential. We can come up with so many reasons to why being busy and productive is important. Why gathering material objects fulfils us. But the truth is, none of it takes us back to our original state of true harmony. That, which at least for myself, is the ultimate goal of my life. True harmony. True peace, love and infinite gratitude.

Not everyone seeks to reach the buddhist meaning of enlightenment through a dedicated meditation practice, and by renunciation of all material objects. But many whose wish is to live in the world, would also want to feel the sensation of utter bliss more often than they do today.

To enter this state more often, and to remain in it for longer periods of time, there are a few tools that you can use:

  • Minimise and scale down life. Get rid of accumulated material, cultivate an appreciation for the essentials.
  • Quality before quantity. Once you have clarity on what is essential, seek to find the most natural and pure versions of it. 
  • Soul food. Spend your valuable time with people you love, those who understand you, and who wish to see you grow.
  • Solitude and meditation. It is easiest to connect to your intuitive source energy when you are free of all distractions.
  • Live what you believe. Find out what it is that you believe in, step into it fully and live it truly.
  • Remove distractions and noise. Such as watching TV, the news, listening to the radio, buying magazines, socialising for the sake of socialising. Choose carefully, learn to say no. Learn to be selective, say no to gossiping and engaging in other people's dramas,
  • Prioritise your self development and spiritual growth. Make it your life's mission to get to know yourself through continuous self inquiry.
  • Be generous, kind and compassionate. In serving and helping others, we spread the seeds of love that help us open our hearts additionally.
  • Connect with nature. Our true source energy. Trees, mountains, animals, wilderness, open spaces and water all connect us back to the pure and wild nature of our souls.

Once you realise that you can choose to feel this way, and that bliss and true harmony doesn't only happen by chance on rare occasions, your worldview will transform and you will learn to take conscious action that helps you step into its purity more deliberately. 


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