New times

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Six months ago, I left the temporary home of Sweden to go traveling again. I think I had imagined myself working more and sharing more content, but instead I let my gut feeling choose, and ultimately decided to take a moment of pause. I felt I had things I needed to get more in depth with, a few emotional blockages to look into and heal, and my work needed reassessment. I longed for a proper time out from the world, and most importantly, my son, partner and I needed to connect fully and get to know our brand new family dynamic. It's been wonderful with the occasional challenging moment, and unexpectedly inspiring in ways that I could not have foreseen before we left.

If we stay with the work subject for now, I came to realise that the earlier ways of working, offering 3 and 6 month programs were way to slow and ineffective. I would video chat with my clients twice a month, and while that may suit many people's busy schedules, I could feel that there was a need for much more direct guidance and intensive support. People wouldn't always do all the things they said they wanted to achieve. So I had to take a look at myself and see, where am I not living up to my visions of an even greater life? What do I want to achieve, that I don't, and what is the obstacle in achieving that? After analysing myself, as well as the work that I do, I realised that in order to do any life changes, we don't only need honest 360 assessment, followed by direct action. But action that is repeatedly worked on day after day, until the desired result is achieved. It's about building momentum. Using the energy of the intention and not letting it go.

That is basically the new direction my work is taking. More intensive programs, with catch up calls 1-2 times a week rather than twice a month. Daily chat support through WhatsApp. And even more complete practices and step-by-step guidelines. Everyone needs encouragement throughout their life changing processes. That is what my new programs are offering, in a much wider scale than before. 

I've got more to say about this, but going to keep it short for now. Click through the new site to see the changes made, and the two programs that are currently available. Both which will be tailor-made for each persons specific personal needs. 

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