No more excuses


8 months ago, I left on a long journey with my new family. We had beaches and tranquility on the agenda. Connecting with the new life we had created. See where the wind takes us kind of adventure. But quite immediately as we took off, only a few days in actually; certain conversations put a major transformational gear into motion. I felt an immediate urgency to really get to work on improving my life. Not in the way where you add lots of things and go to cool places to show on Instagram. But in such a way where you look into the deep, dark corners of yourself to examine how you're standing in your own way. I wanted to further understand the role I played in my own difficulties. As well as finding the origins of my emotions and habits. I was 110% ready to look into how I could - truly - reduce and eliminate the distractions, obstacles and self limiting/destructive habits that stood in my way to live my life fully. 

Helping people unlock themselves was the work I pretended to do for others. So I had better get to work on truly understanding what it actually meant to do the hard work, for real. I felt done with the superficial work. And deeply committed to raising the bar.

This realisation led me to decide on:

  • Getting off social media. Close my Facebook account for good. Stop posting on Instagram unless it had to do with the business.
  • Disconnect from the world, friends and family included, until I had gained the insights needed. I needed distractions to be gone. Which is why I once and for all deleted everyone I "followed". No time, energy, space nor interest in knowing what people do in their daily lives. Not even interested in what people that I love, did in their days. If I was to grow, I needed to make space for that growth. Not fill my brain with random, essentially useless, information. The people I love are always there, and the real-life connection we make when we meet becomes so much more powerful if we haven't investigated in each other's lives every day.
  • Read the books I had long ago purchased and not yet had "the time" to finish.
  • Cook, even more. Refine the sourcing of ingredients. Commit to take my family's health and immune systems to the next level.
  • Stop eating out at places that don't share the same value of organic and high quality foods, as it is dissapointing 98% of the time.
  • Learn surfing. I've dabbed with in on a few past occasions. But was never settled and motivated enough to pursue it until now.
  • Write. The thing that I love, and the only way that my book will ever get published. 
  • Watch my thoughts. Immediately correct them when they sidestep into old behavioural pattern. Become more awake and alert.
  • Meditate more. Enter the thought-less more often. Be in the blissful depths of nothingness for longer, as a tool for living fuller.
  • Get deeper into studying the topics I love and work with; nutrition, physiology, psychology. 
  • Continue to not drink alcohol, to remain clearheaded and focused. To further get to know my subconscious without distraction.

I made a commitment to myself to stop, drop and get to work. I reminded myself often, that life is what I make it, and that if I want lasting true happiness, the superficial work, the half done work, had to be replaced with more depth. If my focus when leaving for the journey was my family and myself. The re-connection with my self and the eye-opening discoveries that followed, opened me up to the inspiration that I needed for relaunching my business, and building the new efficient and effective programs that I offer today.

I can finally say that I get it; I know now what a person needs in order to do any radical lifestyle change sustainably.

My 21 day programs are a result of the insights that I gained during the journey. The trip that took us from Sweden to England and LA, Indonesia to Singapore, from Tahiti to Huahine, from New Zealand to Rome, from Portugal through Spain and finally to France where we are settled for now. A circumnavigation of the world and many deep dives into my self. Painful as it has been at times. Humbling and enlightening as it continues to be. My truth is that I am here to grow, and further extend that growth into other people's lives, as the coach and healer that I am.

How did I do with the promises that I made with myself?

Getting off Facebook was a great relief. Stopping using Instagram and following others, as well. Both of which I have weaned myself off well. Disconnecting from everyone was so refreshing for some time, and now I only make sure to be in touch with the few that are truly essential to my life and not too many others. This gives so much time and space to do the work that I need to continue doing.

I still am not interested in drinking alcohol, the pregnancy made me realise just how self defeating it is, to me. And how much more time and space I can give to my growth process if I stay off it. Cooking, studying and reading got a whole new dimension in my life. Have experimented with lots of theories and practices, and learned many new things. I have written 1/3 of my book, much of it overlooking a rice field in Indonesia. Meditation is much better prioritised. Though there is more time to be dedicated to it. Currently my excuse for not doing it daily, is that I have so much work I want to get out there. But I know I am fooling myself. As I am fully aware that meditation is the pathway to better focus, longer lasting fulfilment. 

Mind mastery has become an important and fun way to get to know myself, and allows me to be quicker at popping the bubbles of falsehood that often appear in the mind. It has helped me overcome many mental hurdles, and it has strengthen my relationship to both my partner and myself.

taru writing surfing indonesia portugal baby life.jpg

I have practiced surfing on as many occasions as possible. In places and conditions that weren't always ideal. Just to actually doing it. Getting on with it. Learning it for real. In warm waters, in colder waters, in freezing waters (and god knows how much I used to hate cold water). Even in waters where there are sharks. We searched through cities and towns after best sun shade/umbrella solution for Rowan to hide from the sun rays while his parents went in one at a time. Planning his meal and nap times around our water sessions. It's been so much fun. Scary sometimes. Cold and mentally challenging. But truly humbling, and it has helped me grow.

taru surfing writing indonesia bali.jpg

There are many roads to happiness. You can't say beforehand how exactly your road there will look like. But once you fully decide that you want to be happy, fulfilled and live an abundant, rich and magical life - you will no longer make the same old excuses. Because you don't want to harm yourself any more. You don't want to waste any more time. You understand what it means to embrace the moment, embrace true joy from the core of your being. You will finally do what it takes. No matter how hard or complicated it may seem at first.

You just have to commit.



I know how people tend to stand in their own ways, on so many levels at once. I know because I've been that way myself. I am glad to say that I have finally found my method that gets to the bottom of this destructive behaviour. A way to reveal your higher calling, and finally you'll get to live the life that you only dreamed of before. While gaining the health and energy that's required to embrace life fully.

With the programs that I offer you will reveal to yourself that you weren't such an unmotivated, purpose-less, lazy person. You just had accumulated too many blockages for yourself. How could you even have gotten started? Improving your life should be fun. 

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