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All is well here in our little bubble. Rowan sleeps so well in the nights. Mostly between 21-06 with two quick nightly wake-ups for feeding. Guessing it's working so well partly because he sleeps next to me and feels safe and comfortable that way. The only few times he hasn't slept so well this past month, is when there's been onion in his milk. He gets really uncomfortable from it so I've decided to not cook with anything from the onion family while breast feeding. Onion, garlic, leek etc. Actually quite refreshing to stay away from their pungent nature. It it known by Buddhists and Ayurvedic practitioners that most hot spices, including garlic and onions are not conducive to meditation as they tend to overstimulate the mind and then crash it into a low gear, making it dull and lethargic.

According to the Ayurvedic philosophy (India’s classic medical science), foods are grouped into three categories - sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic - which means goodness/balance, passion/energy, and ignorance/dull. Onions, garlic, leek, shallot and the likes, are classified as rajasic and tamasic, which means that they increase passion and ignorance.

There are devoted followers of Ayurvedic and yogic tradition, and especially the ones who follow Lord Vishnu, Rama and Krishna, who only cook with foods from the sattvic category. So they'd only be eating fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, milk, ghee, grains and legumes. Those foods are considered pure and balanced. And great for both the body and the mind. Energetically those foods are pure, light, clear, calming, harmonizing and promote wakefulness.

Rajasik foods are OK or good for the body, but may or may not be good for the mind, depending on the time of the day and the quantity taken. These are foods such as chocolate, coffee, black tea, and many hot spices, etc. They are energetically considered cloudy, turbulent, agitated, and disturbs the emotions. Some yogis and ayurvedic doctors include garlic and onion is this category.

Tamasik foods are generally not that good for the body and not at all for the mind. Tamasik foods are dulling and create lethargy and heaviness. Meat, fish and eggs are classified as tamasik foods, and also garlic and onion. Overeating anything, even sattvik foods, would also be considered tamasik.

I normally cook and eat according to what feels best for my body and mind. And mostly it would naturally fall in the sattvic group. It is definitely interesting to have gotten an important reason to challenge my habitual use of onion and garlic. So far it feels fantastic.


Literally obsessed with this person. How did we get so lucky to have been gifted such a healthy, happy and wonderful child? I am so grateful and I tell him that every single day. 


Writing new client agreements while feeding my baby all the important gut bacteria, minerals, vitamins, protein and fats. Whatever I can do to help him develop a strong and healthy immune system.

I have shaped my life in a way where I get to do the things I want to be doing. And arranged so that no external work place steals my time from that which is more important. Earlier, before family life and child, what was important to me was mostly me, myself and I. To feel happy and free as an individual. Today the same concept of living and thriving is applied to my family. Nothing is as important as us, and so we must arrange life and work in such ways that we get to live life happily and freely. Being close, and everyday creating the life that we want to live together. Which is why working from home is the ideal solution, for me and for us.


T works remotely as well, as a strategist for various technology companies. We really like the Baby Björn carrier btw. Although it is not quite as natural and close to the baby as the slings and wraps. Will write more about the different carriers that we have tried, in a future post.


My hikers.


Being a mom.... it is what I was meant to become. Obviously can't imagine my life without this little boy. But even deeper, it feels as if my whole life was always made up in this way, all the lessons gained from childhood to adulthood brought into this place, where I would eventually join forces with exactly this little man and no one else. 

There are times in the day when you feel like getting a longer break than the 1,5 hour naps that he has at max. So you can get more done in the day workwise and reading/writing wise. But what it teaches you in exchange, is to prioritise even better. To become more efficient with the short bursts of time you have available. To be patient. And to truly be in the moment. Rowan feels if I am not there energetically. So I must continuously practice being there and only there, when I am with him. It is truly a blessing in disguise, and helps you nurture a new form of meditation practice.

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We have enjoyed having a pram for some time.  But looking forward to leaving it behind and be more mobile and flexible now that we soon head out on our trip. We love carrying Rowan close to our bodies. Were contemplating on perhaps getting the worlds lightest stroller, the GB pockit, as it would be light and mobile enough for travels. But figured that where we are going to spend most of our winter, on the beach in Indonesia, there won't be much need for a stroller after all.

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We have got a week left more or less of our Swedish cabin life. It's been great in so many ways. Not least as our son was born here. But it will be good to soon head out on brand new adventures. Our plan is still to look for a little house to buy in the woods of Sweden. Some place where we can set down some roots, begin building on a permaculture garden dream, and a place to use as a comfortable base for all of our future travels. Will be good to get out in the world first to gain perspective after this summer. While at the same time keeping an eye out on

Hope your end of the summer has been magical.