Believe that you can

believe in magical cretaions and your power as creator.jpg

..... and you will.

What if life was just a dream. There's nothing that can prove that it is not. So potentially, this all may be a very advanced, very realistic and extraordinarily vivid dream that we live within. A lucid dream in which you are awake and conscious. Where you have been given the magic wand to create all the worlds and wishes of your desire. It's just that you have forgotten your power. Forgotten that you are the God and the creator of your life.

Whatever life is, what is stopping you, right now, from doing what you really want? Living the life you dream of?

Are you blocking the perfect flow of life energy with limiting beliefs about yourself? Is there a twisted side to yourself thinking that you are not worth happiness? Or do you let other people or rules of society write the story of your life?

And how do you even come to an understanding of what you really want in life? When there are so many options. When life pulls you this way and that. And aren't there so many things we should do, in order to be respected/loved/acknowledged. And what about fitting in? Moving too wildly outside of the frames that your peers move within just seems way too risky. Or?

If you take a quiet moment to yourself and reflect upon it, you do know that none of that is really important. You do know in your heart that you are here for a purpose, just like everyone else. Looking at the lives of other people, it may seem that everyone's got it all worked out. That they all seem to have found their path to happiness.

Some of them may have, while many others are good at playing a role in a game in which they themselves aren't the game maker. The structures of society are made in a way that keeps things orderly and people follow similar paths to help keep the system better organised. That doesn't mean that you have to follow those structures. You as the unique being, more spiritual than physical, is larger and more expansive and important than any societal framework or construct. You don't need to follow the guidelines. You can create your own template. Run your own show. Isn't it tempting to just let go of all the charades and get raw and honest with yourself? What is there to lose.

Against all odds, you were born out of a chance in a million. You're healthy, strong and your mind works just fine. To think that you are not capable of changing your life around and create the existence of your dreams. Or for you to waste another day of your life living below your capacity, that is the same as giving away the magical power that you have been given. You have gotten it for a reason. The wand has been placed in your hand because exactly you were meant to have it. No one does you better than you. The power and capacity that you have been given is right within you waiting for you. Waiting for you to wake up.

4 basic activities that will help you live a more authentic life:

- Begin each day with a bit of exercise or stretching. Just do it. This will help release blockages in your system and clear your mind. Which in turn will make you do healthier decisions throughout the day.

- Cut down on inflammatory foods that your body has to fight to break down, and eat more of that which contain nutrients that your body can easily utilize for energy and strength. Less of: meat, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol. More: water, leafy greens, pickled/fermented foods, immune boosting herbs and spices, seasonal local vegetables and fruit.

- Cut down on meaningless activities. You know you've got them. Be honest with yourself about what you waste your time on. And reflect on what that time could be spent on instead. Then remove what is not needed.

- Pick a place that you know is relaxing, beautiful and calm. Some place where you can sit for an hour and contemplate your life. Go to the woods, a lovely park or a place with a great view. Or take yourself on a date to a calm hotel bar that overlooks the water. Once there, allow yourself to just be for a moment. You are physically there, but you are there merely as an observer of your surrounding rather than the busy person you are with the career you have, the things you posses and the to-do-lists you've crafted. Just be. Imagine yourself free from all obligations. Then begin to invite feelings and thoughts on things that you love. Get creative. What do you love doing that you haven't done in a long time? What would be the most wonderful things to be doing with your life? What other lives of other people would you want to live, if you could swap for a week? What sort of living situation would you choose if money were no object and there were no known obstacles in your way? Dare to dream big. Dare to open up to any idea and vision that pops up in your mind. Write your thoughts down. Really feel how life would be if you were living it 100%.

Some people come to a point in their lives where they're finally admitting to themselves: I've had enough of living below my capacity, now it's time to move onwards and upwards. And they change their life around in a split second. Others need more time and more practice in order to incorporate new positive habits and thought patterns into their lives. When you feel stressed or anxious that you aren't doing what your higher self knows would be best for you, don't only ask yourself: what do I need to get, to become happy? But also: What am I doing right now that is disturbing my peace? What is blocking the positive flow? And then begin to work on removing those blockages and limitations.

You are worthy of all you can imagine. You are here for a reason and that is up to you to figure out. But things don't just work their way into your life if you've built up barriers. You need to decide to live live fully, and then take action:

1. Get connected with yourself, your body, mind and soul, essentially. Talk to yourself. Nurture your body. Be healthy.

2. Remove obstacles and limiting beliefs. Just get rid of them. They aren't needed and no one is forcing them on you.

3. Get creative. If someone else can live the life that you dream of, then so can you.


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