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This baby boy is two months old today, hurray..... !!

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We have been to Helsinki in Finland for a couple weeks. Took the ferry over from Stockholm.

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Rowan loves new places, new faces and seems to get a bit restless if he has to do or see the same things over and over. We were wondering how he would sleep in new places and different beds, but it doesn't seem to bother him whatsoever. We seem to be his safety and wherever we have put our bags down for the night, he has relaxed into it just as if we were at home.


Which is a great thing as we are leaving the Swedish countryside in three weeks. First up is this town. Anyone recognize it? I've never been before but am very excited to finally get to see Bristol. Not least because Rowan has some dear family members there. Some of whom he will be seeing for the very first time.

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After that, we're continuing on to this city, from which we will be driving up the coast. Finally getting to do the American west coast road trip I've been dreaming of for years... Btw if anyone of you who live in San Diego area know where it's best to rent, borrow or steal a decent camper van/truck in which a little family of three could sleep during a road trip, please let me know. We're looking at renting for 3-4 weeks or so in Sept/Oct. May be going all the way to Vancouver, but most definitely going through LA, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, San Francisco, Redwood forest, some other national forests, and perhaps Oregon too. Any tips are very welcome :)


Living in the countryside in a little cottage without running water has been amazing in many ways and quite so challenging in others. Pretty much what this past year will forever be remembered as. The year of the contrasts. Looking much forward to see what we can create out of the upcoming months and year. The possibilities are endless. Just have to keep on remembering that nothing awesome creates itself. Conscious creation and dedicated focus is where it's at.

So many lessons to learn on the way towards creating the life of your dreams.

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