House Hunters International (in Paros)

Just a few photos from the recording of House Hunters International that came to visit me for five days when I still lived on the Greek island of Paros last summer! The show premiered in the US a few days ago apparently but will go on repeat several times in the next few months if you're interested in watching it. I haven't had a chance to see it myself yet. It was a bit of a vulnerable time for me, as I had just found out that I was pregnant when the team came to record the show. Can't say that I was in my best of moods. Tired as you know how a pregnancy makes you, and I felt quite sick from time to time. But somehow we made it through that challenging but fun week. (which of course got even more challenging as we had to act according to a set script).

My plan was to continue running a bed & breakfast + yoga retreat centre + holistic health coaching business from that beautiful little island. But the unexpected pregnancy made me decide on moving home to Sweden for a little while.

Life is a never ending adventure so I am going to head out on a longer trip with my lil' family starting next month. We're going to the West coast of the US, Asia and beyond. And while I may no longer be living on a beautiful Greek island doing retreats and welcoming clients to stay in the guest house, I am still working as a Holistic Health Coach and welcome clients any time of the year, no matter my location. And if any of you are ever interested in staying in the guest house on Paros, just email me and I'll put you in touch with the lovely owners.

I hope you new readers will enjoy following me along on a continued journey of self exploration and exploring the world. We're just waiting for our two months old baby boy's passport and then we're out of here. Road trips, beaches and palm trees awaits.