Prams and wraps

Baby prams are great! We had initially thought of only getting around with sling carriers, which are so awesome and as we like having our boy close, so perfect for body contact. But then we got this stroller or pram or whatever they're called from my sisters friend who no longer uses it (thank you!), and it makes moving around so easy, for another sort of purpose. We're having a 5 km walk every day now since a few days back and that is just amazing for a body that's been quite passive during the last few months of pregnancy and obviously the first two weeks of motherhood. Feeling healed and ready to get moving again. So grateful and utterly amazed by the human body, how flexible and adaptable it is. Thank you thank you thank you. Tomorrow it's three weeks ago he arrived.

The roads are quiet around here. Almost no traffic except for the random tractor that passes on their way to other fields.

This was from earlier today as we walked to the store to pick up a box of Naty's organic nappies size 0. Rowan is growing exceptionally, but mainly length wise, so his little bum is still tiny and the reusable ones are still way too large for him.

Probably won't bring the pram with us as we set out to travel in a few weeks though.

This is the sling wrap we use and which will join us around the world. Made by a great little conscious company.

He has grown so much since this photo above was taken, a week ago...

baby rowan

Looking forward to soon bringing this mini person out on a journey. Just have to wait for: A) Fatherhood to be registered by the tax office B) His name and two surnames to be registered by the same place C) And thereafter for his Finnish passport to arrive. He is automatically getting Finnish citizenship as his mother, despite having been born in Sweden.

Our son is around 50% Finn, 25% Brit, 12,5% Scottish 12,5% Togolese/Nigerian and then a bit Irish in there too.