Create your paradise

You know how the different religions speak about heaven and hell. How we get transported to the darkness underground if we don't behave according to rules. And how we get to hear angels sing and feel the bliss of peace in heaven if we have lived decently.

I believe you can experience both here in this lifetime. I have met people who have deliberately chosen hell. By their negative mindset, their constant complaining and the bitterness they have accepted in the human roles they play.

And I have met people who live life as if they had found heaven. Their continual gratitude and ability to see and seek out the good puts them on what annoys the pessimist, a smoother path with more fluid flow.

It's about not letting problems consume you. But rather, see what can be learned. Where does life want to lead me with this? There's a lesson in everything we ever encounter. It's about appreciating the simple, the sound of birds, the scent of flowers, the kind acts of another. It's about feeling alive in each moment and welcoming whatever comes at you with open arms.

I want to live life as if, this, was the final destination. The only destination. For whatever happens in the future, this right here, is the only thing that exists, right now.

And this right now is 100% perfection.

This right now is the life you have created.