Eco friendly nappies

Got the organic reusable nappies but no baby yet. Did you know that it takes a regular diaper/nappy about 500 years to break down and fully decompose? And that each child that wears regular disposable diapers, contributes to 1-2 tonnes of waste to landfill over their lifetime.

The plastic, synthetic polymers and chemically treated cotton that the regular disposable nappies are made of aren't only harsh and unnatural on your baby's bum, but they also contaminate our ground water.

I'll tell you again in a few months, but I definitely like being connected with what I use and the waste I create. And being conscious and constantly curious about how we can waste less. We're planning on going with these washable ones for most part, and have eco-friendly and biodegradable disposable ones as option for travel.

These ones come from Popolini, an Austrian brand. Have heard they're real good. Will tell more in a few weeks.