S p r i n g

To finally be able to be outdoors. Read outdoors, eat outdoors, work from outdoors. Just lay in the sun listening to the birds. Watching the blue tit (blåmes) fly in and out of the bird house we installed in the tree with no leaves yet. Listening to the chaffinch (bofink) sing his typical mating call for females. The suddenly warmer breeze running through from the newly ploughed and sowed fields, over our stone walls and around the house in an indecisive direction.

The beauty and peace in the simpleness. Nothing makes you feel more alive than shutting your brain off for a while and becoming one with the moment. Of truly seeing the moment for what it is. With nowhere to go. Nothing particular you must do. There's a crystal clear sense of peace and perfection in just being, feeling, observing.

Suddenly things become vibrant and easy to see. 

Out of the 1440 minutes in a day, how many do you spend on disconnecting from the demands and distractions of the modern world, and allow yourself to get in tuned with the stillness of the natural?

There's a lot of peace and strength to be gathered from there. But most of all, it helps align yourself with the true you. The one beneath all the everyday roles that you play.

I'm currently reading this.