What does a Health Coach do? How I can help you

For some, the term Health Coach may not be very familiar yet. It's an increasingly sought after service, but not yet as big in Europe as it is in America, or Australia.

More people are looking to get personalised help and guidance when it comes to their life and wellness plans, by real people who take proper time to listen to them and their individual needs. More and more people realise that you do not need a doctors advice for living a healthier life. That struggles in their daily lives can be avoided and adjusted by natural means. A Health Coach with a holistic world view, understands that everything is connected, and that all parts of living are equally important to consider in order to create maximum health, happiness and abundance in life.

There are many health coaches to be found online these days, and anyone looking for help and support in any field of wellness, health and life in general, should take some time to find their personal favourite. Someone that inspires you in just the ways that you are looking for, in relation to the personal life improvements you wish to make. Working with a coach is a very personal process. So feeling at ease with the coach you choose to work with, someone who understands you, is very helpful in order to gain maximum benefit out of your time together.

My personal approach to coaching is quite simple: We would spend some time discussing your life, the challenges you face, and the goals and dreams that you have. We often begin with physical health, we speak about nutrition and I often help establish an individual meal plan for my clients particular body needs.

If physical health and nutrition is the starting point, our conversation often moves along to more in depth discussion on all the other important aspects of life.

You'll soon realise how interconnected everything is, and that when you begin to clear up in one area, the other interconnected areas of your life will be equally improved. I don't claim to be a magician, but my aim is to make you aware of just how simple life could be. How much more pleasure, joy and abundance you could gain, just by making some simple lifestyle alterations. But you have to be open about what it is that you want, and ready and willing to do what it requires of you to reach those goals.

This service is not for everyone. Most people say they would want some adjustments and improvements in life, but not everyone is actually up to doing the work it entails. No one can be changed unless they have truly decided they really want to work for a change. I cannot change your life unless you are willing to do the work it requires of you.

The programs I normally offer are based on working with me for the course of 3 or 6 months. This way we have time to really get to know each other, and for us to slowly and consciously work on the long lasting lifestyle improvements that you look for, together.

Since hiring a coach may be a new concept to you and looking at the monthly prices it involves, you may think it is quite an investment. It has to be a great priority of yours to sign up for a service like this. Which means you likely have the right mindset and willpower to make the changes that I would help you with.

For the ones of you who are curious, ready for a new you, and who wish to try my services, I have set up a smaller program for you for this summer.

For €99 / month we would speak via video call twice a month, around 30 min each time. This would begin with a 20 min free consultation, just to get to know each other, and you telling me what you are looking for and what your goals and dreams are.

If we agree on working together, I will send you a personalized plan of action. I would give you the tools and information you'd need, in order to take the first few steps alone. Then we would follow up with our first call a week later. We'd catch up on video call every second week to follow up on the progress that you have done. And I will be sending you related thoughts, documents and inspiration each week by email.

When signing up, you only commit to two months, and you can thereafter cancel at any time.

My wish is to work with individuals that are up for a real change in their lives. And my wish for you is to become better aware of how you can help yourself now and in the future.

I'm ready to give you all of my support and friendly guidance, and I would love to see you thrive in life. For you to get exactly what you dream of. If I can be of any help towards it, I feel I have done something incredibly meaningful. You've only got this life to live right now, we have to make it the best we possibly can, am I right?

You can read more about the various programs I offer here. Just send me an email if you have any questions at all. Or use the form on this page. I have changed emails from the one I started out with last year, so make sure to check that you have this new one if we have been in touch previously.

I also have a competition on Instagram right now, where you can win a month of coaching with me. Check it out here.

If you're curious, here is what some previous satisfied clients have to say: 


By Deirdre Kovaci, Branford CT, USA:

.... Since I've started following Taru's plan, I have seen significant changes, that have not only benefited me, but my children too. I have lost some weight, I have much more energy, and a clear and sharper focus of my priorities. She has truly made an impression on me by making me more aware of how everyday habits and food choices impact our lives. Taru is very knowledgeable, insightful and motivating. I am forever grateful to Taru for her steady guidance on lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


By Inge Kuse, Antwerp, Belgium:

..... First we had a free Skype-session for you to get to know me and what I wanted of this collaboration, to know more about my lifestyle and my mindset towards healthy eating and a mindful life in general. I expected it would be all about healthy eating but it was so much more! The first thing we tackled was my eating habits: I ate too much bread, pasta, cheese etc. so you sent me a personalized plan with weekly menu's and a shopping list. I had to omit gluten, dairy, sugar and meat from my diet and the two first weeks all I could think about was food: with everything I bought or ordered I had to think about the ingredients but after two weeks I was used to it. And I felt so much better! It wasn't about the weight I had lost after four weeks (which was nice too) but I felt more clear and I could concentrate a lot better. I was very focused on the food bit so with every Skype session I expected we were going to talk about my improvements concerning cooking and food but every time you came up with some more ways to improve my life and health and once I got my head around the plant-based diet, I could give some more attention to exercising, meditation and making mindful choices in other areas of my life. We talked about every aspect of life: love, friendship, creativity, exercise, food... Although I unconsciously knew what was good for my health and well being in general, I couldn't have done all this without your knowledge, support and compassion...


Click here to read the full reviews. I am incredibly grateful and honoured for them having allowed me to be part of their lives, and watch them transform into healthier and happier individuals. This truly is my dream job!

Summer is finally here, I hope you use this warm and positive time of the year to really investigate what it is that you want from life, and give yourself permission to step it up to the level that you desire and deserve. Life can be exactly as good as you want it to be. And let me know if I can be of any help working towards your goals and dreams!