Summer time and the livin' is easy.....

It's been so warm and wonderful! Crazy warm sunshine and delicious breeze. So grateful.

Haha my preggo style is what it is. Not interested in buying maternity clothes. Normal old clothes works just perfectly, even if they sometimes are quite small/short/tight. And the socks are for protection stomping around in high grass full with nettles.

Love our walks around these natural fields, forests and lands.

If I can give you a relationship advice today: Spend your time with someone that not only allows you to be silly and playful and be simply you. But who also loves those sides of you. Nothing makes you feel more free in a relationship than to be able to be 100% yourself at all times. I've been in relationships in the past where my goofiness and my passion for being wild and spontaneous wasn't as appreciated, and that only will make you lose those parts of yourself. So sad. Makes you feel empty at times. Only temporarily of course. You always have a choice to move on and be more true and fair to yourself. And when you begin to allow only that which is true to you, you will slowly begin to attract into your life all that matches you perfectly.

Where we live..... so so so beautiful. So so so grateful.