More morning energy

If you are like me and love porridge for breakfast sometimes, then there's an easy way to add more nutrients and make it even more powerful and nurturing for your body. Don't we just love that, finding ways to make something we already love, even better and healthier?

The easiest way to do this is to add some whole grains to the mix. The grains with their bran left intact. Oat bran (havrekli), is simply oats with the outer husk (skal) left on it. It contains about 50% more fibre and soluble fibre than regular oatmeal which is stripped off the husk.

Oat bran is really high in beta-glucan, a type of soluble fibre that helps lowering cholesterol if consumed on a daily basis. Half a cup (1 dl) of oat bran cereal contains 3g of beta-glucan and that is really helpful for the ones who are at risk of, or have experienced, heart disease.

Soluble fibre helps slow digestion and slowing the absorption of sugars into the blood stream, so it is helpful in stabilizing glucose/ blood sugar levels. It also has more protein, calcium, iron, thiamin, phosphorus, riboflavin, magnesium, and zinc, than what the plain oats have.

(( Saying this in Swedish so you all understand: Jo så att, det är hela grodden och kliet från havren, och andra gryn som korn, som du vill ha med i din gröt, eftersom det ger ett mycket högre kostfiberinnehåll än när man har tagit bort skalet på tex havren. Det här är speciellt gynnsamt för de som kämpar med höga kolesterolvärden eller har/haft hjärtproblem, eftersom ett vattenlösligt fiber som kallas betaglukaner finns i fullkornet, och det hjälper till att stabilisera blodsockernivån. Endast vanliga havregryn är fantastiskt också så klart, men det hela havregrynet med skal och allt, är 50% mer effektivt. Betaglukaner finns främst i havre och korn, men även i jäst och annan svamp.))

I like adding a special mix of 4 different grains and their bran to my morning oats. The organic one from Swedish Saltå Kvarn contains bran of oats, barley, rye and wheat. The bran are cut in pieces, and no part of the grains are removed. I do approximately 60% regular gluten free organic oats, and mix this with 40% of this 4 grains bran mix. Not only does it increase the health benefits, but it also gives off a nutty and crunchy flavour and texture to my porridge. Really like that very much.

Blueberries, dates and oat milk. A teaspoon of raw honey in there too. I like mixing in the honey just as you remove the porridge off the stove. Not earlier, as the healthy nutrients in honey have a tendency to disappear when heated too high.

Nutty and crunchy and ooh so delicious.... the whole grains are a bit tougher to cook than regular oatmeal without the husk. So I use to cook this mix on a very low heat for maybe 30, sometimes 45 minutes. Stirring frequently. You could also leave the whole grains/brans soaking in water overnight and add them in at the end of cooking regular oats in the morning.

I cook my oats and whole grains in water, with a dash of cardamom and a pinch of salt. Then adding honey and more flavouring at the end.