Being back home in the country where I grew up, after ten years of living abroad, I can't help but want to visit all my childhood places and eat all the childhood foods. Reminiscing about my earlier life. Connecting present to my past. Especially meaningful now that I'm soon becoming a mother, and the circle of life continues.

Shrimp sandwiches are a wonderful yummy treat that is typical to Sweden, especially on the West coast were I grew up. So one day I googled "bästa räksmörgåsen i västra götaland" (best shrimp sandwich in the region), and found that it could be found in the town in these photos, Gränna.

Gränna is a place I also have fond memories of. We used to go to this historical town with our primary class on a bus journey (sometime between the ages of 8-12), as an end of season/pre summer trip, before the long summer holiday.

The shrimp sandwiches there were obviously amazing. Home baked bread slathered with mayonnaise, a thick layer of fresh salty hand-shelled shrimp from the west coast, boiled slices of egg, tomato, cucumber, salad, dill and lemon. Almost impossible to fail with that master combo, when ingredients are fresh and of good quality. Here's a good recipe for it if you want to try it at home.

The view from the café, overlooking lake Vättern, and the island of Visingsö.


Swedish food has gotten great reviews from this Brit. Smörgåstårta, pancakes, meatballs and mash with lingonberry jam, råkost, blueberry soup, the many various crispbreads, herring, småkakor, rye bread, skagenröra, äppelmust, potato gratin, liver paté, gravad lax, fika... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The early spring flower Vitsippa, or wood anemone, bloomed like a galaxy of stars on the forest floor.

Of course no visit to Gränna is complete without a stop at one of the candy factories that the town is so famous for. The famous red and white stick candy called Polkagris, was originally founded and made here, by a widow called Amalia Eriksson, in 1859.

Ooooh I know you....

and you and you and you....

Perfect place for someone who tries to stay away from sugar!

Actually, we have implemented a sugar free zone in our home as of ten days ago. I always pride myself with having no addictions. No coffee, no TV series, no news reading/watching. But sugar is probably the only hard thing for me to stay away from. Haven't had any in ten days now though. And really, it's just an idea in the mind and the mind isn't that hard to master. If we really put our focus on it. I can either give in for an unconscious childlike craving each time I pass the monstrous lösgodis (loose candy) section at the super market, or I can walk past it pretending I never really liked the sugary unhealthy artificial temptations anyway. Becoming better at the latter every time...