Sweet and juicy

What have my cravings been so far?

Anything sweet and moist. Oranges have been my best friends this pregnancy. Especially during week 12-25 more or less. Now that the Southern European water melons are coming in and taste delicious, those are good for variety.

Can't get enough if it. I suspect that vitamin C is what my body is looking for. And to stay hydrated. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron, and that's something the body needs quite some of when producing a child. Especially during the weeks I mentioned above when the baby's important organs are developing. Mad to think that my body is creating a child, a whole human being. And that I barely need to do anything for it to be produced. Just gonna keep eating my yummy fruits...

Other things I really love right now: Proviva's blueberry soup with probiotics, the one without sugar. Bananas. Pomegranate, like always. And blueberries in anything you can put blueberries in.

Then I've gotten into a slight cleaning obsession..... more about that another time.