Morning meditation - gratitude

Mornings are the best times of the day to gain access to the pure stream of connection to your higher non-physical self. You know that part of you who knows what's right and who does things out of love and ease. The one who's got your back feeding you with intuition and self love when you are not too occupied to pay attention.

Your physical being on the other hand, the body vessel that you are incarnated as in this lifetime, the persona you have drafted on to suit your surroundings, is often lost in the daily struggle of challenges. It's rushing to get on time here and there, have time for a thousand and one duties, you get irritated when things don't go your way, and you pay way too much time listening to the negative thoughts in your physical mind.

Before getting out of bed and before you again enter into the physical reality of that earth creature persona, it is wise to lay still in bed, just a little bit longer, while your mind is still clear and empty - and connect to the purity and ease of the non-physical world.

Instead of beginning to contemplate what you have to do and when, what people you have to deal with and how, which challenges that most probably will come your way and what and how you will respond to them. Instead of all this junk and drama, relax yourself into a place of stillness and gratitude. Think of all the beautiful things that your life consists of. Think of all the good people you get to share your life with. Think of their qualities. Think of the plans you have for the summer. The places you get to see, the things you get to experience. The lessons you will learn today, and how they will make you grow. Navigate yourself into a place of satisfaction, where there is no need nor space for that which makes you feel uneasy.

In the beginning of doing this practice, your mind will inevitably keep jumping back onto the thoughts that you think you have to deal with, the things you think you have to solve, the things you think need your immediate attention. Each time this happens, consciously bring your self back into the calm and good state of being. You'll soon see that it's all about getting in charge of your mind. Because it's all fabricated in there. You and the energies/thoughts you have sent out, have created the very existence that you live within. It's paramount for you to learn and trust in this, in order to get to live your life fully. All of us can be misguided, it's a practice you have to remind yourself of.

There is so much in life to be grateful for. When you operate out of a place and sense of joy and gratitude, everything around you will ease up and feel less complicated to deal with. You'll soon realize how effortless little things appear before you. How accessible the things you've desired begin to materialize into your life. And it's all thanks to you shifting frequency from the negative to the positive. From becoming conscious of your thoughts, instead of letting them run rampant.

Do this practice every morning. You will feel good already on the first day, but begin to see its real effects within a week or two. It is also helpful if you end your days with the same practice. Lay in bed at night and count your blessings. Think back on the day and remind yourself of all the good that happened, and visualize what good you will get to experience tomorrow and in the future.

It's 5.59 am here and these are the things I am grateful for in this very moment:

- The glorious sunshine that I get to wake up to in the mornings. Sun wakes me up already around 4.30. I don't want to sleep with blinds as I don't have any times to keep or nowhere to go. So I appreciate the early morning wake up call by the sun streaming in through the windows. If needed, I'll nap in the day for a few hours. Which I am also grateful for. Love a good midday nap.

- The house that we live in. The calm nature, and the vintage style of it. We are renting it for the summer only, but it offers us great inspiration for how we would like to build our own home when we get a house, hopefully next year when we are back in Sweden.

- Our travel plans. Starting in September. I daily visualize this trip and the ease with which we will roam the world the three of us. Bristol, London, California, Indonesia and Japan are some of the travel wishes for the upcoming autumn/winter.

- The work that allows us to work from anywhere that we can connect to wifi. The freedom this gives us, and the places we get to stay and see thanks to this flexibility.


- The closeness to my Swedish family and friends who we have had the chance to see much of this spring already. I haven't lived in Sweden for so many years so I feel spoiled having all of them so near now.

- June will not only be the birth month of our child, but it will also contain lots of wonderful family time with both our Finnish and British families visiting.

- The pregnancy - how easy and good it has felt for most parts. How right it feels, after all. How made for this that I feel that I am. How much I already love being a mother. It has already changed me, and I can only imagine how much more it will make me grow once the baby has popped out. So grateful that the baby will be born in this harmonious environment.

- The freedom of being able to be naked or near to naked, outdoors as well as indoors. I'm not a fan of clothes, especially now that I'm pregnant. I like to wear as little as possible at all times. It makes me feel less restricted and more free. So the spring/summer warmth that has just arrived is finally letting me be just the way I am. And being able to walk barefoot and feel the grass and earth beneath my feet... all of it makes me feel free.

- The sweet and colourful fruit and vegetables that we brought home yesterday, which offer us days of nourishing meals and snacks.


- The seedlings we have cultivated over the past few months and which we put out into the ground yesterday. The nurturing food that these will bring us over the summer and which will be shared with many people we love.

- The bathtub that we just got installed in the shower room, and the possibilities of bathing with opened doors to nature and hear birds singing while contemplating life from that very tub.

- Did I say the sunshine? The original source of life. The energy and inspiration it gives me. The freedom it offers with its warmth. I can't be grateful enough to it.

I have realised that my life is much better and positive things fly much more smoothly into my existence, when I consciously began listening inwards and when I consciously began to remove the distractions that weren't needed. When I simplified, and truly began seeing and appreciating the little but most relevant things in life, my life became so much easier.

I hope you will find many beautiful things in your life that you are grateful for today.