Week 35

And then came spring for real and the flowers have finally dared to open up, revealing an ever so beautiful blossom all around. And look at that green grass... think I've always taken grass for granted. Now it feels like the soft, lush emerald carpet is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on. The intensity of the green!

My favourite tree, the birch, opened up its leaves just two days ago and I feel gratitude each time I look at it. Especially that specific birch in between our house and the shower room, because we have spoken about it on pretty much every trip to the shower since we moved here. Been wondering when the time would come for it to reveal its greenery. Patiently been awaiting its rebirth into spring. Totally understand why it has been hesitant though, it's literally been snowing until only a few days ago.

That's the well in our garden, and the blue door in the cellar on the house to the left, is where our shower and sauna is located. And now also a bathtub.

Making a frame for the bathtub.

The warm promising sound of the bumblebee... we need them now that the fruit trees have began to bloom.

Our sweet little house behind me.

Our landlords house.

Week 35 now and everything feels perfectly aligned with how it's supposed to be. The pinched nerve I had in my shoulder dissipated after a week. The tail bone pain when sitting on hard chairs seems to be gone too, and most things feel pretty normal. Obviously I'm heavier. Besides the big water balloon of a stomach, I have gained some weight, especially on my thighs, bum and legs. Makes me feel a bit clumsier than normal. But it's all part of the process isn't it. Even stretch marks would be welcome if that was what was needed to bring this miracle into being.

I spend my days doing exactly that which feels right and good in the moment. So grateful to get to experience this time of my life during such calm and peaceful circumstances. Grateful to my partner for letting me follow my mood, by doing everything that I don't feel like doing in the moment. I sometimes wonder how the pregnancy hormones would've affected me if I wouldn't have had the constant support by someone so caring. I can't find a legitimate reason to be in a bad mood, even if I would try to find one. This place and the things that I do also make me feel rested.

I baked a vegan, gluten free carrot cake earlier which was quite delicious. Will share with you as soon as I get the almond flour ratio right. The batter got a bit too sticky.

Other than baking and cooking whenever it feels right, I read lots and write even more. So many unfinished stories and chapters that I keep drafting on whenever I feel in the mood for them. Conscious not to push anything. There's nothing that needs to be done. Being productive for the sake of being it isn't living in the moment. 

The seeds we sowed a few months back are growing steadily, still indoors in front of a light and bright window. This week will be a good time to get them out as the forecast no longer threatens with snow and frost.

Behind this barn is where they're going. Next to the little green house.

Our landlords strawberry plants have survived the frost.

Potatoes got planted today.

The view through the front door. Lush, green and alive! No place I'd rather be these last days of pregnancy.