2 nights in London

Early Sunday morning we left to the airport. T was having a meeting monday morning in the city so we decided to go over for a couple nights to chill and hang out. This is me waking up in afternoon London after a long day nap.

"two cheezy burgers with fries, coleslaw, chicken wings and a green salad for balance please"

No reason to head out in the cold when food is just a call away. The bed is anyway the most comfortable place to hang out. It would have been so hard for me to have a relationship with someone who was locked to a 9-5 job. Being able to move and travel and take lazy days off whenever wanted is the ideal way of living in my opinion. Being able to properly prioritise life for what it is, and have adequate time and mental space to live in the moment. Which is something that many people think you only can do when you are retired. I want to live that way all of the time, and having a partner that has created such a life/work balance for himself too is really the key to freedom in a relationship.

The sort of food that seems so right in the moment, but which always makes me feel a bit down and heavy the day after. Which only is good though, it helps me not to fall for the temptation too often.

We watched a few documentaries and continuing our Disney movie marathon. This one called Wall-E. Have you seen it? Such a great little animated one that highlights the sadness of the modern world. It shows our planet destroyed by greed and unconsciousness and all life taken from it so that people had to move to another planet. Or spacecraft actually. It shows how people had given all their trust and faith to corporations and basically got all fat and passive from all the junk food, TV watching, shopping and conveniences that had been served for them. While nobody's paying attention to how their lack of motivation and involvement takes the last bit of life out of earth. It really is so interesting that there are so many movies, documentaries and even child movies that describe the destructive effects of "modern" society and culture, climate warming and the corruption and destruction that is ongoing. But most people just continue to cruise through life as if it was just another entertainment show. Humanity is fascinating to say the least.

The day after we headed to our favourite market, Borough market for some yummy street food.

Falafel wrap mmm... walked around in these high boots for four hours. For the first three I kind of forgot I was eight months pregnant. The last hour it felt like I was sinking through the ground. So much extra weight on my feet. Obviously. Jumped in to any nearby pub each 30 min to empty the already empty bladder. Gravity and baby's head-down position makes you think you need to pee all the time. Oh well... just five more weeks to go.

Such scarcity of organic produce in the UK. Even America has got that part down better with much greater variety in organic foods in stores and markets. I read that whereas most countries in Europe continue to increase their organic farming with each year as demand is growing, in the UK it is going backwards. Between 2010 and 2015, farmers that grow organic has dipped by 29%. Sweden, in comparison, has gotten 18% more organic. While Croatia and Bulgaria has seen the most exponential growth with over 300% in the same time period.

A few reasons for the UK to go backwards in this otherwise healthy trend of reclaiming real food for the people, is that the government makes it expensive and bureaucratically complicated to make the shift from conventional to organic (with pressure from non-organic lobbying). There isn't enough strong organizations that take the health of the people and the planet seriously enough. Partly due to that and governmental ignorance, the masses aren't educated enough on the consequences of pesticides and antibiotics in food, and so the demand and pressure from society is lacking.

I wasn't in the mood for discussing the principles of organic farming that day so we got some produce that was "local" for convenience. Otherwise I always think we all should make an effort in asking about farmers and marketers farming practices, ask them why they aren't growing/selling organic. And choose to buy something else or from some place else if they cannot offer exactly what you are looking for. The more pressure we put on the market, the more incentive they will have to move towards public demand. Sweden is a good example of how public opinion has changed the way the food landscape looks, although there still is much growth to undergo.

Got the ingredients for a delicious mango salad with fresh tuna. And stayed in bed eating, discussing, watching documentaries for another night = bliss. Hay House has their world summit this month, with lots of free movies and documentaries from great spiritual thinkers, check in on www.hayhouseworldsummit.com - this one with Wayne Dyer is great. And listening to Eckhart Tolle is always so soothing.

Breakfast consisting of organic kefir, granola and strawberries, bought at the lovely organic store Planet Organic.

At 7 am on the last morning. Observing the offices on the other side of the street, while thanking my higher self for never accepting to be part of the system that drains people and cultures of their personal freedom and authentic happiness. So many sad hollow faces that we saw in the tube and the train during these few days. So many hours spent each day of their lives on commuting, getting to a work place that they don't really love that much. To be able to pay for things they don't really need. To build on an external persona that fits a certain role but which isn't necessarily their real selves. With so much freedom that there is to be gained from the simplicity of life, it's hard to get your head around why anyone would voluntary choose the misery and essentially, the waste of time. But it is comforting to realize that more people are waking up. Freeing themselves from the every day hustle.

For me, it's always good to dip your toes into this commercial world every once in a while to see and feel what internal and mental changes you've undergone since last time. It puts things into perspective.

Bye London for this time! Heading back to the quiet and peaceful woodlands. Next time we come back it will be with a third person on this side of the big belly.