A week in pictures

Just gotten into week 34 and I find that the best position to sit and work in now, is to sit on the side of the bed. Chairs are too hard and push on my tail bone, no matter how many cushions. In the sofa or armchair I'm positioned too low down. But the bed is perfectly high so my legs can lean downward, giving space to the belly to relax, and my organs a chance to rest. Ergonomically challenging this pregnancy thing!

It's been beautiful weather here lately. These guys are adorably curious and always likes to say hi, but not too close, as they easily get frightened too. As I said on Instagram the other day, one day I'd like to take care of a few cows and watch them live and thrive from a young age to their old age. Leaving them be just the creatures they were born as. Not enslaving them. Not expecting anything from them. Just leaving them be the happy, playful, kind, beautiful cows that they are by nature. To live in a world where everyone would treat each other like that, what a dream. There's so much simple joy and happiness that comes from observing animals in their right elements. People would do good with more of that in their lives, I feel. A dream is definitely to one day build a peaceful harmonic ark/farm full of free, happy animals. And live in symbioses with them and the nature around us.

Nourishing beet and cabbage salad for lunch one day.

The sunsets here are stunning.

Last time with met with a midwife was in Malmö in week 28. And last week, in week 33, we met our new one in Falköping. She was really lovely and super supportive to us giving birth at home. She has three kids herself and one of them was born in the car on the way to the hospital and it worked flawlessly without any assistance nor pain relief.

As I've experimented with gluten, I'm currently eating a bit more dairy than usual. Organic yoghurt or fil (sour milk) for breakfast a couple days a week. With my granola, often some blueberries, hempseeds and sea buckthorn. I used to have a problem with eating dairy, and I still have to be conscious about how much of it I eat to not get breakouts. But every once in a while is ok. My skin and my body has really taught me so many lessons of balance and moderation.

Still so fascinated with the roundness and curves of the female body. The way we can expand and then get back to where we started. Imagine that there's a person in there. Head down now. Feet pushing me under my boobs and sometimes both arms out at the same time to my sides. Got me crying the other day when I heard the heartbeat at the midwife's. Still so hard to comprehend. Could happen anytime now.

We went swimming the other day! That was amazing...... what a wonderful feeling to let the otherwise heavy body float free and weightless in water. Can't wait to do it again. We are getting a bathtub installed in the shower room next week. And the birthing pool is on the way as we speak. What I also long for is a swim in a lake, but considering how late spring was, I can imagine it to be freezing for a quite some time longer.

As someone had a birthday the other day (not me), we drove to Skövde to eat at one of the best Indian restaurants in this part of the country. In fact, one of the best Indian restaurants both of us have ever been to. Bombay Masala it's called. After that we went to the movies to watch the Beauty and the beast. Quite good, albeit a little too cluttered in my simple opinion. Moana is still my favourite recent Disney movie. Need to watch Lion King again... was ages ago.

Made a yummy coffee scrub the other night and brought to the sauna. Coffee is full of powerful antioxidants. And the ground coffee helps exfoliate and remove the dead skin off your body and expose the smoother and younger layer beneath. It's a great time to do a proper body and facial scrub now in time for spring and the sunshine your body will be exposed to. Always using organic coffee of course. The coffee bean is one of the most chemically treated plant that exists. You don't want those pesticides in or on your body if you can choose.

I make my coffee scrub with:

1 tbsp ground coffee
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp sea salt

Natural healing at its best. I think back on all the years when I've used commercial brands of beauty products, and all the chemical toxins they contain. Such waste of money and needless treatment of the skin, just to have something that had a nice label on them - when all what our bodies need can be found in nature. Only the best is good for me today, and that means only ingredients that are derived from nature. I've set up a shop here on my pages that you may find useful. Will only be filled with tried and trusted products that serve a real meaningful purpose in my life, and which are created consciously. There isn't that much there yet but also there isn't that much we actually need in life.

The first brand I have up there is Gypsy Juice skincare. Sommer, the founder uses only cold-pressed botanicals and unrefined butter in her recipes. I love the Antioxidant Face Oil, a real energy boost that leaves the skin supple and soft, never dries it out as many commercial face oils does. And how good does it feel when you know that all the ingredients in a product are 100% organic and from the very nature that we were born from. The entire Gypsy Juice range is PETA-certified and there has been a lot written about her brand, worldwide, you can read more here and here for example.

I am also planning on posting all my favourite books in my shop. I don't sell them on here but if you like my suggestions, you can follow a link at the bottom of each description that takes you to Amazon where you may order them for yourself.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful beginning of May!