Winter in Malmö

This was a beautiful day in December. 16 weeks pregnant perhaps and felt quite huge. It's good we have 9 months to gradually grow into full size, as each week seems to come with a new sort of fascination for the body and its expansion. We had lose plans on maybe renting a house near Malmö after the city stay, but couldn't find anything down there that matched our wish list. The ocean would've been nice to have near. But the quality and feeling of the house was even more important due to the wish to give birth at home.

Christmas eve with friends.

Hanging out in the flat we stayed in for three months.

Probably reading something interesting about home births. We decided very early that home birth is the way to go and that the only information we were to look for if any at all, would be related to births made at home. Best book on the subject: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Full with important information and lots of wonderful birth stories.

One of many veggie stir fries he made.

Marinated portobello mushroom burger and sweet potato fries, with a mango slaw, I think it was.

Making an...

Old fashioned potato gratin with marinated mushrooms.

One of many good breakfasts.

Eat, rest, sleep, repeat... And work. Beside the coaching i do from home, I worked part time in one of the super markets for a couple months, cooking and demonstrating recipes for clients. Fun to do what I love and get out and connect with the world and speak about food and health after a long time of hermit living on the island, but simultaneously exhausting to chat with people all day long when this was what my body asked of me to do.

Carb city.

Endlessly obsessed with juicy sweet and soft foods. Such as this epic combo: oat yoghurt with tropical flavour with super delicious mango. 

Watching out on the street, dreaming of nature.

Oranges, my lovely oranges... never have I eaten as many as during this pregnancy.

Then came spring.. or almost at least. So optimistic. Jumping with joy with each tiny rise on the thermometer. It's a challenging practice to remain content in the moment while awaiting something as beautiful, warm and freeing as spring. And not wish the colder season away. Everything is exactly the way it is meant to be. Nature and the universe takes its time. Things will come to you when you are meant to have it. You don't have to like it, it's just easier if you do.

Have only one more post about the city coming up.. one from a stroll in our neighbourhood Möllan.