Looking for good, inspiring people

pacific ocean moana conscious living

I watched Moana, the Disney movie the other day. Such a wonderful story of freedom, adventure and following your life's purpose despite the usual challenges. And beautiful to see a female lead character being as powerful and strong minded, and in no need of romance to fulfil her greatest dreams.

The movie also got me very inspired for our upcoming winter trip to Asia and hopefully even further out into the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Rainforests, turquoise waters, wildlife, lush green mountains and valleys, delicious tropical fruits... cannot wait to continue exploring the natural beauty of this magical planet. Get deeper into the real world. Meeting with good people living simple lives. The experiences that give richness to life.

Btw I wanted to ask you something: for a little project I'm doing, I'm looking for people and companies who do really good smart things. People who are inspiring in some ways as they are following their dreams, while at the same time being helpful/inspiring to others. Or a brand or product that is made ethically & consciously and which adds real and honest value to people's lives.

Do you know anyone or a thing/brand that match that description? Please send them this or comment here with links. Very grateful for your help! 💙

(photo from the Marquesas islands, a dream destination of mine, pic found on google)