Sunday morning

Let's keep looking back at the time in Malmö. The Southernmost city of Sweden. No order in diary updates now and I'm probably going to keep jumping between Miami, Greece and Sweden for a while.

Either way, it was very interesting to live in Malmö for a bit. I've now lived in all the three largest cities of Sweden and it feels good when you know more in depth about things and places, don't you agree? Knowledge is wealth. In any form. And curiosity helps bring about more knowledge. I love Malmö for its relatively small size. Boring for the ones perhaps who look for more activities and more action. But for someone who looks for peace, beautiful quiet walks, friendly atmostphere and not too much stress around, it is a great city.

One sunny morning we went out in our neighbourhood Möllan (the Malmö version of Brooklyn, an eclectic hipster area with a wide mix of cultures, second hand stores and media people). This morning we were steering towards Choklad-Fabriken - the old chocolate factory that was producing chocolate between 1888-1992. The company came later to be called Mazetti AB and their most famous product is Ögon Cacao which most Swedes probably have in their kitchens. The Finnish chocolate company Fazer bought Mazetti in 1975.

Chocolate hungry pregnant person.

They still produce chocolate in Malmö, under the name of Malmö Chokladfabrik. The factory is outside of town, and this place acts as their store. All their chocolate is organic and fair trade.

And they have got some delicious licorice. Most of us born in the Northern European countries love that stuff.

After stocking up on the essential chocolate and licorice, we kept walking through the neighbourhood.

Those clever city bikes. It's a scheme you can sign up for, costs about €30 for a full year. You can then use bikes freely from any of the stations within the city limits. Such a great example of successful shared economy.

The colourful market at Möllevångstorget.

Chocolate and licorice intake should always be balanced with juicy oranges.

And four pomegranates please!

This was in January and people happily braved the chilly air to get some sunshine. Feels a bit like Copenhagen here.

Lots of good Arabic, Indian, Persian, Mongolian, Pakistani food around here.

Hi, TT! So funny that we have the same initials. Was that something you planned? Like did you change your name to an equally odd name of four letters starting with a T, and a surname that sounds just like mine, just to trap me, before you contacted me on Instagram last summer?

- Haha, no I wish I was that clever. Would it have helped? No I was luckily born with those names.

- Interesting. You claim to be British but your names doesn't sound very English at all.

- Well, what is it to be British? I'm of Celtic, Anglo and West African descent. Am named after my West African grandfather.

- I loved meeting your big eclectic family a few weeks after our first meeting. You brought me to the most beautiful British/Nigerian wedding. So how are you? How's the new life in Sweden?

- Feels like it's exactly where I'm meant to be. Our family is my home. And Sweden is a beautiful place. But wherever we are, is home.

- So a life in London compared to the quiet countryside of Sweden, that's quite a difference in lifestyle?

- Life in London for me, is often keeping pace with the environment. So people spend the majority of their time keeping up rather than living. And although yes people may be very expressive and independent, it's easy to lose yourself. For me, nature and an open space has always been important in my life. And has now become the perfect place to find solitude and plan our life. Also where we live now, allows us to build the kind of life we both believe in.

- We do our best to live sustainably and we talk much about sustainability. About living the changes we want to see in this world. What do you think the world needs most right now?

- The thing the world needs most now and always, is for individuals to take more responsibility and lead by example. Whether that's the things they eat, the things they choose to consume, and the amount of things that are wasted. Everybody's impact matters.

- You work with technology. How do you see technology being helpful in generating more positive change?

- I see a change coming in the motivation of technology businesses from profit driven to purpose driven ways of thinking. Technology is a powerful tool that is currently misused but can be used to create the kind of world we want, based on principles that better benefit people.

- What do you look forward to most this year?

- The birth of our child! Of course. Then us travelling together, showing the world to her or him.

- I agree! Guess that was all for today. Thanks TT!

Continued this culinary day to our neighbourhood burger bar, Casual Street Food, which does real good vegan and vegetarian burgers and the meat in their meat burgers comes from local small farms with grass fed cows.

A couple of obligatory bathroom selfies.

And that was probably the last shots from our time in Malmö. Thank you Malmö for a good winter!