Miami 🚚 Boston ✈️ Stockholm

Continuing reminiscing about my move from the US back to Europe in the end of 2015...

I packed up my little studio and drove up the East coast yet again. My things would have to stay in Boston at my friend Michael's place until I knew exactly where I would be soon living. Paros island in Greece was to where I was heading, but I still had no contract with a house. Needed to check things out and confirm all the details. Driving through a rainy New York City on the pic to the right.

I got to experience one more classic American Christmas with my Massachusetts family. Beautiful Scituate.

Boston was beautifully in bloom that december?

And just like that, a few days later, I was back in Europe. On the streets of a cold but colourful Stockholm. It had been a couple years since I last been home to Sweden so it was quite magical to hang out with loved ones for a few days before my new adventure.

Beautiful Stockholm. I grew up in Gothenburg on the other coast but lived in Stockholm for almost a year, ten years ago. My dark haired friend Fanny whom I consider one of my oldest (and closest) friends although we've only known each other for maybe 15 years, is writing her PhD thesis, while teaching soon to become teachers about equality, social relations in school and other life important things at Stockholm University.

Jenny, with the bubbly happy baby boy has just launched a beautiful organic baby clothes brand called Palett Stockholm. You can find amazingly cute good quality pieces for your baby here. All the clothes are made of either certified organic cotton or recycled materials and they're hand printed with environmentally friendly paint.

I stayed in Stockholm over the New Year and later dove over to Malmö for a quick visit to see my friend Amanda and her family before I flew over to Greece. Who would have thought that just a year later, I would move right here and swim in that cold bath house behind them, only pregnant this time... think I may have to blame all my baby mama friends and their adorable children for brainwashing me :D