Rainy day activities


Typical April weather here. So warm and sunny yesterday. Currently torrential rain. And snow apparently coming in in a few days. Let us not get depressed by it. That's an unnecessary emotion you can control, don't let it control you.

Here are a few things you may want to do when you are not very inclined to spend your days outdoors:

- Bake bread, experiment with new varieties. Nothing better than a freshly baked loaf straight out of oven. I'll share a great recipe shortly.

- Write down all the things you've had on your mind. Work on all the lose ends and tidy up in your mental workspace.

- Read the books you've put aside for a better day.

- Educate yourself on a subject you've long been curious about. Take your time to really learn something new and meaningful.

- Spend time in silence. Say no to events, turn off the phone and the TV and go inwards for a while. Not before you know yourself in aloneness, do you know yourself fully. Ask yourself new questions. Investigate thoughts that pop up. Break old thinking habits. Analyse things from a new perspective. See what comes up. So much to discover when you give yourself a chance. The mind is an amazing tool for creation, but not nearly as fun if you never use it for anything else than the thought patterns you've always previously chosen.

- Clean out your closets, drawers, cupboards, storage rooms. The less things you have in your life, the freer and lighter will you feel. Don't let material hold you down. Living in chaos may work for you and you may even say it adds to your whimsical personality, but for most people, the tidier and cleaner your surroundings, the clearer your thoughts. My first step always when feeling uneasy, is to clean up any mess that's accumulated. Can't think close to as freely if my home and surroundings aren't in decent order. I like being able to think straight. To be able to follow a thought to the end, instead of always being distracted. Seeing things lying around that I never use or that have no purpose makes me feel dirty. The clearer my sight, the clearer my mental space and the better thinking capacity do I have.

- Sort out your real priorities. Write a list of the things most meaningful to you. Perhaps your family, a few close friends, being healthy, the new work project, maybe helping others in some way. Also write down things that you do, that don't have that much real meaning. Investigate how much time you spend on them, contra how much time you spend on the things that are most important. Is there a good balance?

- Remember to breathe. I mean, real, deep breaths. Not the shallow ones at the top of your lungs. Breathe in deep five to eight second breaths through your nose, and breathe them out steadily through your mouth. Take ten really deep ones as often as you can to rebalance yourself. Remind yourself of this practice as often as you can. It will instantly put you at ease. Learn to become conscious of your breath. It is what connects you to your soul. Which will help guide you in anything from decision making, to following your intuition better, and having an overall clearer mind.

I will soon be sharing some more of my most effective ways to make space for the good and clean out the unnecessary. I love drawing out mental life plans. Almost like business plans, but for my life and well being. I'll share it with you soon.

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