Veggie + tofu stir fry with rice noodles

Some of the easiest and yummiest meals to whip together, in almost no time. I feel this is a meal with great value and potential when comparing yumminess with the short amount of time it takes + how you almost always have all ingredients on hand. Let's see how it is made:

Always a good idea to chop up everything first, I think. Love having an overview of things, and then you can just pick up whatever it is you are using in the moment. Makes you feel like a chef, you know?

It is important for most produce, but definitely get organic tofu as approx. 95% of all soy that is grown worldwide is genetically manipulated. Produce wise, this meal involves:

1 package tofu
1 bunch broccoli
1 red onion
1 leek
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 big handful of mushrooms
1 big handful of sprouts, home grown is always best and saves you lots of €€€
Kaffir lime leaves if you like
If I would have had some fresh red pepper at home, that would definitely end up in this meal today

I always get natural non-flavoured tofu and make my own marinade for it. It's easy as 1 2 3, in this case 1 2 3 4... 

1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup tamari soy sauce or any soy sauce of your liking
2 tbsp sesame seed oil - yum, sesame seed oil is yum yum
1 tbsp fish oil - you can omit that if you want to make this vegan/vegetarian

Mix all of that into a bowl, add half of the garlic too. If I had fresh cilantro at home, I'd chop up a handful and toss it into the marinade as well.

Oh hi! Peeked out the kitchen window to find this little family once again. They're here everyday, eating off the fields around the house. Will have to be considerate how to plant out our seedlings in a few weeks. They eat most things they get their hands (hoofs) on, actually the very leek that you see in the pics above, has been chopped off by hungry deer. Those leeks are from our neighbours land. He has lots of leek, onion and sun chokes that has survived the winter on his land, and we can take as much of that + cellar stored potatoes and carrots as we like. Thanks Bosse! So grateful!

They're mostly a family of a mother and her two kids that cruise around here. Sometimes they're joined by 2-3 other ones. Love having them walking around our house. I think there hasn't been a day since we moved in that we haven't seen them.

Where were we?
So today I felt like rice noodles. Normally I would probably opt for brown rice with this stew but realised we've got this bag of vermicelli di riso in the cupboard so why not? These rice noodles were made in Thailand, packaged in Italia, sold to me on the Greek island of Paros, and now eaten in the Swedish countryside with deer outside the window. Such cultural and very well travelled little noodles.

While all the ingredients are simmering away on the stove, you can start thinking of in which company to devour the meal. Maybe Sriracha....

Or a good old Sweet & Sour Sauce.

What I chose can be seen in the picture above ⇧ it starts with an S and ends with riracha. Also sprinkled some black sesame seeds on top cause I like it like that. And it looks way better that way than without.

Just a few tips from the coach:

+ Begin with sautéing the marinated tofu, with as little of the marinade as possible. This will make them slightly crispy and give a great brownish hue to them.
+ When they're brown and crispy, move them onto a plate to chill out for a while, while you sauté the rest of the ingredients in a bit of olive oil.
+ Begin with onion, then add broccoli and then the rest in whatever order you fancy. Sprouts can be added like 0.5 seconds before serving as they're so good just the way they are and you don't need to lose all their crunchiness unless you really want to.
+ Place tofu back into it.
+ Use the rest of the marinade to pour into the veggie/tofu mix.
+ If you want to make the sauce a bit thicker: Mix 1 tsp flour of any choice, or whatever thickener you like, corn starch maybe, with 1/3 cup water in a cup. Mix well so all lumps are gone. Then pour this into your pan.
+ Let things simmer nicely. Add more soy sauce if you like.
+ Sprinkle some chilli flakes into it for more flavour.

Serve with maybe... a glass of lemon water.