Life of a hyper sensitive

There's a difference between surviving and thriving. Between coping and flowing.

It is my eternal life mission to steer myself in directions that connect me to my authentic soul. Where I can catch onto the pure stream of ease, light and love that flows through me. The river of truth that moves through each one of us, if only we dare to trust the current, dare to listen to our inner guidance, and dare to trust life to safely move us forward. Outside the frameworks that were made to keep us within normality measures. That isn't to say there will be no obstacles. Every river has its twists and turns. But there's great difference in allowing life to naturally move with and within you, as opposed to going against what you are here for.

There are so many distractions that try to lure you astray.

I am not myself if I don't honour my self. The light force that I am made of comes out in full only when I align myself with what I believe in. And how do I know what I believe in when the world has done all in its power to shape me within a mould? A mould so similar to others. A mould that promotes status and commercial/material prosperity, but denies authentic individual expression.

Meditation and quiet time alone has helped. Withdrawing from what I was used to, to gain perspective. Listening inwards, following my intuition. Choosing the paths that speak clearly to my heart. Steering away from what makes me uncomfortable. From the things that weren't true and right. Trusting my higher self to know.

Being a hyper sensitive person - who feel the energies of everything and everyone around me, who needs peace and quiet to best form my own thoughts and feelings, who can't spend her life on meaningless things and need meaning and purpose to thrive - it is pure freedom and happiness being back in an environment that helps nurture each of the particles that my soul is made of. A place of harmony, and a pause.

My creativity see no boundaries when I am let free in a context that I feel I belong. I can cope anywhere if I have to. I'm a survivor and can make do with whatever is thrown at me. But I feel unmotivated and less of me, when in places and within surroundings that doesn't click well with my internal beliefs.

I need space to breathe. Let the in and out-flow of life-energy move fluently through me. Must make space for the space in between thoughts that allow me to make the right decisions. That allow me to tune onto that ever flowing river. Where you are given a moment of reflection in between each action. Which helps you become aware of your thoughts and feelings. Helps keep them within comfortable distance.

The natural simpleness, calm and purity of this home within nature lulls my soul and mind into smooth rhythm. Makes me feel wildly alive. Gives my true, higher self an honest chance to come forth and begin to create from the inside.

There will be times again when I need to adapt to environments that aren't true to my soul, but knowing myself in that, and what I essentially strive for, offer me guidance and motivation to keep moving further closer to my truth.

I cannot not give my soul what it requires. It would be a crime against that what I am made of. What I am here to accomplish. I need space and time for my greater purpose to take form.


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