I still have some stories and photos to share from my brief city stay, just wanted to share these springish photos first from this gorgeous early morning in the new house that we moved to a few days ago.

The sun woke us up around 7 am so it would have felt like a waste to not head right into it. Let's go for a walk! It was still chilly, around -1C and potholes on the road were still covered in thin but crispy ice.

You can hear no traffic here at all. But the lake, Hornborgasjön, that is so popular with the birds, is just 8 km up North, so there's a constant chatter from the crane birds that pass by on their way up there. In their perfectly composed plough formations.

Lots of wagtails around too (sädesärla), who have returned back home from their winter vacation in Africa. What better signs of spring than wild and awake birds singing and communicating in between each other. Everyone seems to burst with joy for this new beginning.

I, for one, am endlessly happy being back in nature. Being able to use the outdoors as home as much the cosy indoors with its warm wood burning stoves. 2,5 months left till the baby is due. Cannot think of a better place for the end of pregnancy, and the first home of our child.

Love this warm jacket I thrifted a while back, but love even more that it is not too far for me to throw it off for good. Spring really is here now!

Hope you all have a lovely sunny day wherever you are.