Los Perros Urban Farming

Before moving, I had a chance to visit this lovely bunch. Sofia, Buddha, their six months young daughter Cleo and dog Stretch is running an urban farm pretty much in the center of Malmö, near Rosengård. It was quite a cold day in early March and the time had just come for them to begin cleaning up the fields and sow the first seeds for the new season.

Sofia is from Ånge near Sundsvall, half way up in Sweden, and Buddha from Sydney, Australia. They met ten years ago in Barcelona, which is from where they brought their charming street dog Stretch.

With Buddha's background as a chef and their love for food, eating and growing, the farm felt like the next logical step in life. Buddha was working in various kitchens in Malmö, and seeing how much produce came from other countries, he realised that much of it could be produced right at home. Just meaning fresher and local! Sofia had studied ecology and they are both self taught when it comes to Permaculture, with podcasts, and an entire bookcase of books. The best way to learn these days. Everything is available to everyone, the magical side of books and technology.

Buddha had been growing all his life, on a small scale. He spent a lot of time with his grandma as a child and they were always in the garden or watching Gardening Australia. In Barcelona they always had a herb garden on the terrace. With their love of nature, there's no better feeling than eating a tomato that you've grown from seed, watered, and cared for up until maturity. I so agree!

Besides selling their produce to some of the best restaurants in Malmö, they sell directly from their farm in the summers, on the farmers market in Folkets Park. And with the new Reko-Ring Malmö that just launched its Facebook site. It's originally a Finish initiative that basically offer people an easy going chance to buy directly from their favourite local producers. Cutting out middlemen and giving more growing/buying power to the people. Los Perros also offer a weekly/fortnightly/monthly seasonal veggie bag that people can sign up for.

Their season starts now in March and lasts until November. Obviously more yields in warmer months and when the sun is highest, but they also overwinter some things. They've for example just been delivering Jerusalem Artichokes to restaurant Lyran today. First farmers market will be towards the end of May.

This year will be the first in which the farm will be the family's full time jobs. Buddha worked at Gram in Malmö Saluhall this past winter, Sweden's first package free store.

Their future hopes are that we get to see more urban farms and more demand, that they can engage with more people of all ages and backgrounds so we can all learn together. From a family perspective, the wish is they can keep eating pesticide free, organic food year round.

Unfortunately I stayed in Malmö in the wrong season so I haven't had a chance to visit their farm during the best time, looks absolutely beautiful though, here are some of their photos from last spring, summer and fall:

Los Perros is expanding this year by another 1500 square meters, to 2500m2, which will make them the largest commercial Urban Farm in Sweden. They have got a great IndieGoGo campaign for it here. For a greener future, and more clean food for everyone, make sure to help them out for the final part. And in general, always make sure to support your local organic producers. This way we can ensure better food for us now, as well as for future generations.

If you live in Malmö, feel free to contact them for any produce arrangements, and make sure to follow them online on their website here and Instagram here.