Keeping it simple

So drawn to simple flavours these days. Food with few good quality ingredients and selected few spices or herbs. I like feeling what things taste by themselves, appreciating them for their individual qualities, rather than hiding a big bunch of ingredients behind a mysterious sauce or too many flavourings. Which can of course be tasty, but I also enjoy challenging my taste buds with remembering and appreciating things for what they are, and their own nurturing properties. Which is why I love this simple dish. Which is why good quality ingredients are essential.

I cooked small enough pieces of potatoes and carrots in water with a rich amount of olive oil, bay leaf, thyme and salt (any other herb works too). Cut small florets of broccoli as well as the stem into pieces, and/or 1,5 cm thick slices of courgette - add them both into the boiling water at the last five minutes. Remove water and squeeze fresh lemon on top. Crack on some more good quality sea salt, add chilli flakes. Maybe fry up an egg for good company (the yolk + the veggies blend so well together).

Served here in the picture with a grated cucumber salad with hemp seeds and a vinaigrette made of apple cider vinegar, salt and olive oil.

Potatoes, carrot, broccoli and courgette may sound boring to you, but give it a try someday with real good organic produce, and make sure to have a good sea salt available. I always make a big batch of this, as frying it up the day after is mmmmm.....

Looking forward to making this with home grown produce later this summer. You do know the difference between store bought winter potatoes and home grown or local summer ones, don't you? The same with all other produce. The difference in flavour and complexity of food bought in neat packages off the super market shelves, in comparison to how it tastes and feels when it's grown in their right setting and season. It's another world altogether.