From one world to another

Having lived in the concrete reality now for almost four months, I can't wait to get back into the real world! Dipping in for a moment is great. Catching up with the few parts of it that I've missed. But I know what my true calling is. And that is to curiously continue opening my heart and soul from the inside. Peacefully allowing more light and love to flow in, as I find my groove in the magical adventure that is life.

The city distractions of the matrix doesn't allow me to do that. Too many interruptions to the flow. Too much confusion and unnatural interference. Too high sound level, too bright lights. Continuously contradicting impressions. Which is why I with sadness realise, why people generally are so disconnected from themselves. And what repercussions that disconnectedness epidemic has on society as a whole. City life within the material world, and the habits, needs and desires it creates within a human being aren't nurturing for the soul. Rather the opposite. It creates stress and worries. Emptiness and shallowness. Turns substance into fading ripples on the surface.

These photos from a beautiful garden of a 800 year old college in Oxford that I visited this past autumn, remind me of all the natural beauty and richness of our planet that exists beyond the fabricated maze of urban environments. It makes me want to spread seeds of flowers and plants all over this town to have nature overflow from the inside. To lift people from the heavy clouds they live within, and make them realise what magic it is to just be and breathe. To simply observe and appreciate. Breathe stillness and nature in. Nature, which just grows and provides, if we let it be. The same way we humans grow internally. If we allow time, peace and genuine curiosity. Rather than constantly pushing and desiring for more.

So, only a week left for me here now. Some things I will focus and spend my time on in the city before we leave for the next adventure:

- Meet up with friends for goodbye meals.
- Another swim and sauna at the cold baths of Ribergsborg.
- Walk through the parks yet again to see how the flowers and buds have developed during the past few days of sunshine.
- Visit an organic urban farm near RosengÄrd.
- Ride the bike through the city and try to keep and memorize all the good this time in our lives has provided.

I love living life as if it was an eternal set of waves moving through and forward. Letting it bring you on a wild journey of ins and outs and ups and downs. Of insights and lessons for greater knowledge. No matter the lesson, always appreciating the ride.