Use your power of choice

Gluten free oats cooked with Oatly's organic oat milk, wild Swedish blueberries plus a dash of raw honey. Topped with chia seeds, blueberries and a squirt of Oatly's vanilla sauce.

Oatly's products are some of the most intelligent products in the world, I think. Using the ancient oat, and turning it into milk and anything else that typically has been made out of cows milk. The enzymes in oats are much more gentle on the human body than the enzymes in cow's milk.

We all know someone who is lactose intolerant, but even for us who haven't received a diagnose, milk is known as a typical irritant to our gut flora and digestive system. Many of us have physical and/or emotional reactions to milk products without us understanding that it is the lactose that causes it. Cow's milk is made for cow's babies, in the same way that the milk from our boobs is made for our human babies. Common sense, I think. (I wonder how it would taste making vanilla sauce for apple pie from my milk, now that I've just started lactating :)

To clarify, I buy organic cheese occasionally, and sometimes, quite rarely, eat food with other dairy in it. Unfortunately I was taught doing those things from a very early age in life so it's hard (but not impossible) to stay away from it 100% of the time due to convenience (and urge) in certain situations and environments. But by now being conscious of how it was made and what the repercussions to its existence are, I choose such foods much more seldom than only a few years ago. Slow progress is better than no progress.

In a world where consumerism has been brought to absurd proportions, it feels good to support almost only products and brands that work on future sustainability of this badly treated planet. People who have put some real thought into how they can make this world a little better place for us and future generations.

A few things we all can do to help ourselves, our families, and the rest of the planet:

Produce as much as we can by ourselves. Grow your own food! This can be done by anyone who loves healthy food. No previous experience required. Just started some seeds here at home now that spring has sprung. Bought new organic seeds for €30, seedling starter trays for €10, and organic flower soil for €7. The seedlings that soon will arise and eventually grow larger, will in 1-2 months be planted outdoors and give us food for the whole summer and early autumn. Saving us tonnes of money, and the planet lots of fuel, time, transportation and man power.

Anything can be grown in an urban city apartment too, so that is no excuse to not get your hands dirty. The psychological impact it has when you begin to see food grow out of what you sowed and planted is tremendous, even life changing!, compared to the disconnected every day feel we receive from the habit of picking packaged products off an impersonal supermarket shelf.

Growing your own food is the same as feeding yourself and your family the greatest boost of love. You will feel its impact on all of your being.

homegrown tomatoes greece

The tomatoes I grew last summer while living in Greece. And the tomatoes on my home made bread with home grown arugula sprouts.

Buy used products and clothes, rather than adding to the wasteful and non sustainable production chain that drains the planet of additional natural resources, additional innocent animal lives, and pays lower than minimum to human slaves. When the world is at this stage, where climate warming and overall human destruction is pulling at every last resource due to relentless greed, it is extremely egoistic of each one of us to continue the way we have done, without considering what we can do to start giving more than what we take.

For everything that you do not produce yourself, make it a mission to make sure that, for example, 50% of all purchases you need to do: food, clothes, interior, everything - be bought from a sustainable source. Either from second hand/vintage stores. From local farms or growers who produce food with non chemical practices. From brands that work with organic materials and a sustainable mindset. Trade things with friends and give away what you don't need to people who may have better use for them.

baby clothes trade

Baby clothes we've got from a couple friends whose babies have outgrown them.

By choosing to spend your money consciously and not just wastefully on brands and products that only are in business to get your money and grow an empire that keep hurting the overall good of the planet, you show the industry that you no longer are willing to sign up for their irresponsible business practices. The reason we see more vegan, organic and conscious products today, is because the various industries have noted that that is where more people want to spend more of their money. Be a person that help this positive trend forward additionally. Start with 20% of all your purchases, it will make you feel real good, I promise.

To support small businesses, or female only businesses for example, is good but isn't really enough. It makes a much greater impact to support businesses, small or large, female or non female, that also does something for the overall good for us all and the planet.

The very first step you should take though, is you thinking through how much you buy today, and how much of it actually is needed. And where those needs truly come from. Don't be afraid to get critical with yourself.

Surround yourself with people who do make a difference. We can achieve a lot by ourselves, not least to gain clarity, and consciously connect to our higher purpose. But it is also helpful to learn from others and gain inspiration from the ones that are on a similar path to where you'd like to head more towards. For me for instance, it is much more useful to read and study about people and ideas that promote conscious living and who take an extra moment to think through each of their life choices. Rather than spending time with or reading about people and ideas that support and promote something I no longer stand for or want to be connected with. As we grow closer to truth, it is completely normal to outgrow ideas that we earlier thought were normal.

I think we are all old, intelligent and mentally developed enough now that we can make an active choice in realising that, we all need to work together to bring peace and common sense to this planet. Don't ever think that one person's act isn't going to be enough. That's old fashion thinking. We need to begin with ourselves. One step at a time. Know that changing 20% of yourself is better than 0%.

Which makes me want to finish with a great ancient quote by the great old thinker Lao Tzu: 

 "If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."