Simplest meal in the universe

No but really. At least considering the nutritional value of this meal, which by the way is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, nut free etc etc and pretty much only contains pure h e a l t h. If you need a recipe name for it, it could favourably be called Chinese inspired stirfry with quinoa.

All you need is:

An onion, chopped
A couple finely chopped cloves of garlic
A few mushrooms, maybe 5-6, chopped and sliced, small pieces please
A couple handfuls of sliced cabbage
A red pepper or whatever colour you fancy
A handful or two of kale
Tamari soy sauce, 1 tbsp or so


Sauté the onion on low heat till translucent. Add the garlic. Leave them to soak in each others flavours and scents for some time. Add the mushrooms, cabbage and pepper. Leave it all to mingle for maybe 10-15 minutes on low heat. Pour in the tamari. Taste, add more if you like more flavour.

Prepare the quinoa in the meanwhile. I normally heat up a small pan on high heat with a dash of olive oil, half a teaspoon salt and half a teaspoon cumin. Mix it around so they blend well. Of course don't let this burn... Throw in 1 cup of quinoa, mix around for a bit so the quinoa gets a little toasted. You've got to be focused here so you don't end up burning things. Then add 3 cups of water. Boil up, then turn the heat down low. Let it simmer under lid until all water is evaporated. Maybe 10 minutes, maybe 12?

This is about the time your veggies are ready. Serve it all up and enjoy. Maybe with a bit of Sweet & Sour sauce on the side? Yes please!