New Year, New Life

Finally settled back in Sweden. The photos tell you the reason for coming back here for some time. If you've followed me on my instagram: you might have gotten my baby news a while ago. Am in week 16 now in this unexpected, non planned, weird but beautiful adventure.

I live in Malmö now and I love the change of scenery and this new small town to get to know. At least when knowing that we can leave at any time when we've done with what we are here to do hehe.. you know I'm not too fond of living in the cold for too long. But we're making the best of it for the short time we are here. And it seems to be an unusually warm winter as you can tell by the photos. 

Figured it could be a good time in life to be near family and friends. And make use of our excellent healthcare system, I thought. But have realized during our research that Sweden actually is quite bigot and narrowminded when it comes to delivering babies in your own home, outside of the hospital. Which is what I intend doing if everything goes as wished for and nature collaborates with me in the way I have visualised.

Bright and unpersonal hospitals, white and sterile looking doctors, rushed environment and the cutting down on midwives in the health care sector doesn't quite give me the sense of peace and harmony as I envision for the best day of my life. Giving natural un-medicated birth in my own home surrounded by only people I love and trust is the way I will want to do it. Letting the labour take its time and move naturally and as peacefully as possible through it, is my intention.

Childbirth in Sweden, I realised, is very centralised around the control of hospitals and the common healthcare system, and a woman's choice of delivering her baby the way she want isn't as respected as I thought a developed country as Sweden would show proof of. I'm not talking about the choice to have or not have pain relief, but the choice of experiencing the most beautiful day of your life where and with who you want to. 

In only two regions (landsting) of the country will you get care provided for if you choose to do a home birth, in all other parts of the country you have to pay for it yourself. Unfortunately we've chosen to live in a region in which you won't receive support from the government. It's quite absurd that it is even illegal for a midwife to participate in home births here in Skåne landsting. Not that it changes our decison a bit, rather it enforces the desire to have it done exactly the way we want it to be done. It just makes the research and search for the right educated midwife or doula a tad more complicated, albeit fascinating. 

In 1920, 90% of women in Sweden gave birth at home. In 1940, that number was down to only 25%. And today only 0,1% opts for home births. This number is much higher in other countries such as Holland, where 30% of women choose to give birth in the comfort of their homes. And in Denmark just a few miles from here, it is law and common practice for doctors and nurses to suggest the alternative of home delivery to pregnant women. The number of home births is increasing in Denmark each year (currently at 2%) and they are generally not as exposed to the same fearmongering and propaganda of childbirth being so complicated and dangerous, as women are here in Sweden.

 Lots of interesting details of this to share with you.

Other than that, I feel good! I will keep sharing much more of all of this in the blog. As one of my goals for the new year is to write blog posts at least once a week starting today.

In the meanwhile, here are some pics from my inspiration board for this year:


And here's a photo of our mini creature, a few weeks ago during the kub-test as it is called in Sweden. He or She is moving a lot, feeling it tumbling around quite often in the last few days. Can't wait to begin life anew with this little being in five months. Very happy it will happen during summer months as will perhaps give us the choice of maybe even delivering outdoors a lot easier. Super conscious that nature has its ways and anything can happen to prevent us from getting it done the way we would ideally like it to happen. If there's anything that sailing and living on water taught me, it is that you just have to go and flow with what nature throws at you. But visualisation is still mad important in order to keep your mind calm and focused. As is setting a profound intention. I'm trusting my body and the wisdom of our ancient human creation so deeply. I know I will get exactly what I need.

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Until next time, have a great beginning to the new year and talk to me about home births if you have personal experiences in such. Is it common where you live?