Found home

As some of you may know, I was living in Greece when Tevi and I met. He found me on instagram, digged my style and life, and reached out. It wasn’t an obvious romance from start, which we may come back to in a future article, but fate had it that we got pregnant pretty soon after we first met, and then decided to move from the paradise island of Paros, back to Sweden, where I had lived from the age of 8-24 more or less.

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Youtube it is

Hey friends, my new youtube channel is up! I’ve got a message to share, and I am eager to get it out to more people. This is just a little introduction, more is coming up so shortly. Subscribe to my channel if you don’t want to miss the updates, and as always, if you have any suggestions on topics you want me to dive deeper into, let me know and I can make a video about it.

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Get your glow on

For maximum radiance, for a powerful energy that bubbles out from your body, for a sharp intellect and a harmonious night of sleep, make sure to drink as much greens as you possibly can. This is a cucumber, kiwi, celery, spinach smoothie with bee pollen topping. Of all the things I’ve tried in my life, there simply is nothing…

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Why we choose to homeschool, and not put our son in nursery

Our son is 1,5 years old now. He is the most magical thing of course. Curious beyond measure, extremely stubborn, strong and wilful. He is intelligent and has an inspiring determination. He is also reflective, contemplative, observing, sensitive, loving and generous. It is such a rich experience, getting to be part of a human beings every day life ….

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Eating out with a baby

As much as we avoid eating out so much for the simple reason that most places don’t work with the sort of healing ingredients that we love and are used to at home, as much do we love going out when we’ve found a place that meets our standards. Going out for lunch or dinner is a good way to entertain a baby/toddler, although I remember in the early days, until Rowan was around 9 months old, it was sometimes quite a…

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