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This program is for: Anybody who wishes to boost and ease their life, who wants to reduce any recurring physical ailments, such as with IBS/IBD/digestive challenges, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, eczema, migraine, type 2 diabetes, hormonal imbalances, infertility, candida, leaky gut/SIBO or other intestinal issues, acne, depression. Or for anyone who wishes to lose weight, get in shape, get their energy levels risen or simply learn more about healthy eating.

What is it: Many of the conditions above can be traced to compromised conditions within the gut. A place where pathogens, toxins and undigested bits of food causes inflammation that lead to so called autoimmune symptoms, and other symptoms within the body.

What we are doing with this meal plan is to limit food intake to food items that your body can digest the easiest. This will allow the gut to heal, and the toxins that are causing symptoms will stop wreaking havoc in the body.

This program is personalised and adjusted for your specific health concerns, and blends two important parts:

Physical: A meal plan that calms and nourishes the digestive system, stabilises your blood sugar, balances hormones, reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system through low-glycemic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory recipes. All the while helping you maintain healthy weight due to its whole-foods nature. Depending on your specific health concern, we may eliminate many different sorts of foods to investigate in what causes your symptoms. But instead of focusing too much on what you cannot have, you will notice how your personalised meal plan is absolutely jam packed with clean, nutritious, delicious, and satisfying meals.

Mental: Mindfulness practices that help you get in the flow, by releasing stress and worries, and awakening you to creativity, gratitude and intuitional healing. By becoming aligned with how you wish to live and feel, you will easily understand the benefits of this healing plan, and thus your body will begin to heal itself. Health is our natural state of being, and that is what these practices will remind your body of. When a real good life becomes your priority, that is the life you will lead. And your health will naturally follow.

The plan offer a thorough cleanse, where we will liberate you from accumulated toxins, pathogens and pesticide residue. We will do this by becoming conscious of your environment and how it affect you. Minimising your exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins. And by eliminating the foods that are known to cause inflammation and bring stress to your systems. We will restore levels of important nutrients, provide all of the building blocks that your body needs to properly regulate the immune system and support healthy organ function, all which will help create an environment in your body that is conducive to healing.

The basic program of 21 days is suitable for anyone with mild ailments and for anybody who wishes to boot sugar addiction, manage their weight, detoxify and clear out their digestive system, or for the ones that simply wishes to learn how to live and eat healthier.

A longer elimination diet may be needed for the ones with more complex symptoms and illness, in order to help determine the specific foods that trigger your symptoms.

Each case is planned for on an individual basis.

Besides the mindfulness practices that will be provided in PDF and discussed on our weekly catch up calls, you will get recipes for three meals per day + snacks. Along with grocery shopping lists, easy-to-follow directions, daily chat support with me and one 40 min Skype call a week.

Get in touch to book your free introductory Skype meeting, where we can chat about how I can best help you.


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